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Giving the homeless Peanuts

So I have started a tradition in downtown buffalo- Peanuts a 1:00 a bag from local Arabic man and some water. Helped several people out, homeless thirsty etc types are really rampant in downtown buffalo sometimes/

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Cathy Grandpa And Methadone

I had a bunch to write here but something followed me from the clinic to the library and forced itself on me to take all the stuff I wanted to write. I feel like crying inside and out.

Its still saying its cathy..

Going home


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The accursed 34 Bus route :(

So I have to take this one route in town - the 34 every morning! 7 days a week to my methadone clinic. Every day it seems like abunch of pans get stuck there waiting for me to entertain them! It is way too much for one person/ psychic/Satanist etc to conquer! Like I get there and every single person is on some topic that is way too intense for me in public LIKE every morning!! I mean I am on high pain meds but it still gets intolerable   sometime the shear VOLUME of clogged up people . LIke…


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So Wow the house is on Fire. I mean demons and PANS in and OUT ALL hours of the night!

So anyway I think where I left off is that the DWAYNe creature- to refresh, he thinks /says he was sent from hell to show me (Elisabeth satans daughter) that I cant posses people and have fun with it likehe can. For those of you reading with intelligence yes it is that bluntly stupid. I don't possess people that I love care about like or know well because I believe that makes me inferior.

Anyhoo so the thing has deteriorated ot one of its juvenile stages it says that ( we sleep in bed…


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Job Hunting with spirits.... God what a saga

So I have a spirit attachment that is OBSESSED with watching me apply for jobs! Its been like 5years and everytime I sit down to the computer to look for a job it sits down too and wiggles around in the seat and telle me he/she is going to make people sick for hours because? ? ? SPirits don't llook for jobs? I mean he /she is the spirit and they just  sat dotn to look for jobs? I think that one is bizarrely sick and stupid

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More stories from THE HOUSE on ELMwood

So anyway more stories about the house that CATHY built! So after Linda left a lady from Egypt she said? took over some of my body with some kind of crazy strong hold and they the lady near the rug broke my leg. It hurt but didn't also the leg turned bright red! there was some talk of maybe something could take the leg and I could return to PURE HUMAN again but I guess the deal did not go through :

So then there is THE CAT HAMLET! Cathy has a BIG FAT Cat with little bitty…


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2nd time writing - More on living in Buffalo NY with PAN- Visit form the tree of life

So I guess you got that the last paragraph and deleted it and then ate it and then looked around and then jumped to some bodies and then. So anywho.. so they Sasha or Sash spirit took cathy - the owner of the houses voice and traveled around we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs

So the kitchen experiments:

So every night while I was sleeping or sleeping stating etc.  A group of "beings" went out and covered the walls , cupboards floors table and food…


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Returned to Buffalo

Wow I m back in Buffalo and DAMN it is full of shitty ass beings. Everywhere you go there are "people" in peoples faces and bodies playing games and sending shitty messages and transmits? The bus drivers sometimes look like they are totally under control by spachips and a lot of it is religious fanatisicm. There is a bunch of "beings" that have glommed onto my ex boyfriend adriens house. Every night they crawl all over the walls. Im not sure what they arrive in and they are never ever able…


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battling evil spirits in Wellsville NY :(

Sooo to follow up, I Fumigated my house and I have removed the trash. I have put my bed and frame against the wall for several days now ;( I also have been staying at a friends house .. PAUL. There are like a whole group of "black Women" following me around town, peeoping through my windows and they have even been in my room touching my clothes. They keep begging me for rides or walks to places around town and telling me to dress differently or talk differently or order things I don't want…


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Visiting my neices house for the first time

So this week I went to several places with my mom and had a really great time in general. However the visit to my nieces was disturbing.  They live on the top floor of a building, it was really really nicely decorated and she only pays 350 dollars! So I needed to do my homework on her computer / O sat dpwm tp dp the hjomework and several strange things started to happen. A strange orb like sun came through the ceiling window where my mom was sitting and several changes happened to her face…


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Sotry of Isaac and the unknown black lady with strangers that cockblock return

So I finally got my smartlink phone- ttook 5 weeks. It came with tons of technical and spiritual bugs all over it. A ton of noxious energy vampires unloaded in the house to "watch" me make phone calls. My old friend from JBS came and picked me up to go to Hornell, a bunch of the "pan " people decided to try to TAKE me out - morally and spirutally because I didn't have contacts in.

ALso made a direct phone call to hell to lodge complaint about overbearing fat and stupid woman…


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The Male Growing stronger in me and influence

So some "spirit" has been trying to get between me and my incubus for like a year and now I have been adding up in my life- I am going for my Masters in Healthcare Administration in Houston and stuff- So get this - The spirit has been coming on to me telling me he is "God" or my "conscience" and since I was brought up strict Christian I should know better than to bet on a male spirit to firmly bond with me because " they always leave and act up and they cant be trained and stuff. Obviously…


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Pan throwing a fit:(

Last night I slept really well mostly with my pan and spirit friends in the room, we are starting to push the negative ones out and I look forward to my life in texas with a group of determined friends who wish to coexist. So this morning 90 percent of US went on to the bus - it was 5:30! THIS MORNING, had to catch early bus to not be late for class. One of the lesbian bully ones unfortunately was up and waiting for me as I got dressed and forced me to walk with her down the street , my…


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The Pan trip that just wont quit!!!!!!!

So anyway , I have been lighting candles and incense for about 3 days, hoping to cast some of the negative energy out of the house... It works sporatically but it also seems to make the most childish immature one even worse. Basically one of the more bossy entitiies is about 14-17 years old, only wants to talk about sex and gossip and LITERally pushes me out of the way when I am trying to get into my makeup or bathtub or do my choirs. Almost every night when I go to sleep some of them get…


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More Stories from the house

So basically there is a spirit or something in my tv, sigh , this is sometimes my life for weeks :( It is obsessed with "jumping from the screen " to me etc. Also it totally takes over the tv characters and then obsesses itself with driving me away from the tv screen. The laast couple days it's number one topic of conversation  is  basically trying to make personal conversation about  what I have let my friends in Pan do?? I mean they eat sleep and live with me? Why is it some strangers job…


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Visitors in the house overstaying their welcome

So basically I have been continuing in my sorceress cupbourd project. As I said I have black ink, black shoelaces, eyeglasses, karma bracelet and some written out spells. I also got some nails from my dad and pins from my necklace. Also two black candles, I have been burning more and more candles, I have been spending more and more on candles to keep the house in a warmer  glos. Picked up some cemetery dirt out a ways from belmont.. Have two jars going now with dirt. There is such an…


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Pan breaks down 2/7

So after the LONGGGG weekend feeling sick to my stomach and with migraines I decided to not watch much tv and turn in early . I guess the PAN machine that WEllsville is hooked up is way to dependant on me - as the only occultist :( Because I woke up this morning and it was like a 5 year old again. I tried to watch some new movies and it kept zapping itself and me through the tv. Also something kept crawling up and down my teeth that I was discussing on the bus.  Still no phone and someone…


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Hospital Visit for my Boyfriend - Psyche Ward

So I heard- across Pan and telephone Yesterday that Justin was in the psyche ward :( I confirmed I would visit and it said it knew, then today??? Someone kept telling me for 4 -6 hours to go see JUSTIN?

Anyway I went over there walk was treacherous - especially where the people got hurt running across th estreet in their pan suits :( I could barely walk along the back road I felt like things from the road to the sky were hitting. ME. Got there A TON of PANS were there stealing or…


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Pan Becomes Pansexual

Latest in dealing with Pan/Pansexual

So over the weekend- Justin couldn't come over and the spirits - or whatever in the house said they couldn't find somewhere to go for the next time period - be it a house, car ride or a job ;( So I basically decided - since I had been having really bad stomache aches and migraines from the general stress - hang out in my bathtub and read fantasy all weekend!!! Some alien devices showed up - square with different kinds of motifs and faces to…


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Further update 0 Wack Ass bus trips - Crazy Dead relatives and more.

So I am finishing myt first month back to school - paid 204 dollars for a text book ! Out rageous. Even though I am dutifully taking my meds and I haven't done drugs in a long time. There is a negative spirit that is constantly whispering at me that I am going to fail, I wont do well in Houston, my mom is going to find out my thoughts?????? typical crepe from jealous spirit. I cant wait to put some distance between us. The crazy ad and photo spirits in the small mall near me are becoming …


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