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Stars on my Arms

I have freckle constellations on my arms.


Orion, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor.


The Dippers are just as they appear in the sky, perfect positioning. Orion is on my left arm but is half covered by a tattoo now - I can still see it though.


Most people develop freckles as they get older, but I was born with these.


Maybe I was magickal from the very beginning. :o)

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Things I Love

I have eleven acres of old growth forest. I love it. I spend a lot of time there. I also have a beautiful pond and stream in the woods. I have made friends with the snapping turtle who lives in the pond. I love her. (I know it's a her because she lays eggs.) She is big and old, probably 50 years old or more. I always bring her ham and throw it to her, she loves it and comes to me when she hears me cross the bridge.


I love smoking menthols. I don't think I will ever…


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Walking the Path

I suppose I have been walking the Path for many years now. I have memories of knowing things in childhood. For instance, I knew many latin names for plants, and their medicinal uses, without ever learning it in the outside world.


Another instance, in 2007, the day before my third daughter was born, I saw her face in the clouds. At that point in my life I considered myself an open minded Christian. But I remember lying on my bed, looking out the window and looking into that…


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