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The White Druids(5)

     Mithial and Corleen, hands clasped together in the air, bent their heads slightly in the direction of King Jor'ean. Some of the guests, those who condsider themselves more important than they were, found the seeming lack of respect to be repulsive. Whispers coursed around the room, some in awe, some in fear, others, in disbelief.

     Many of the women seemed appalled at the dress, or lack thereof, the druid priestess was wearing. Many of the men wondered at the golden sword and…


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The White Druids(4)

     The Grand Hall of High Peaks Palace was decked in great array for the guests, council members and their families. Gorgeous tapestries depicting wars, victories, and great functions around the Realm hung from the walls. The great fire pit in the center of the room was blazing with scented pine and hickory wood. The tables, heavily laden with food from every corner of the realm surrounded the fire pit. Minstrels and bards entertained as people sat, ate, laughed and enjoyed…


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The White Druids(3)

     Alonza of the Browns Clan sat quietly in his place in the Great Hall of High Peaks. His soft brown robes were not as elaborate as the Blues, nor were they as comfortable as the Greens, they were, however, extremely functional when sword or scythe were needed in a hurry.

     Across from him sat Greybeard of the Greens Clan, a nervous looking fellow, though his eyes were keen and sharp. To his right, along the expanse of the table, sat King Jor'ean and his generals. To his left…


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The White Druids(2)

     The door to the Royal Hall sounded with a boom as it was thrown open suddenly, hasty footsteps following the echo that reverberated across the expanse of the room.

     Several of the more nervous council members jumped with small squeaks, while the generals started, turning abruptly to the disturbance. His Royal Majesty, King Jor'ean of High Peaks, sat calmly in his chair, his dark gray eyes barely moving from the map lying on the table before him.

     "Your Majesty!…


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The White Druids

The Beginning and Workings of a Fantasy. Feel free to critique.


     When the soft breeze tickled his ear with the faint tinkling sounds of her magical voice, Mithial Ringtail smiled softly to himself. His mate never wasted time. He glanced to follow the breeze with his eyes, watching as it found it's way through the battle encampment below them. The hundred thousand or more soldiers that sat…


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