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Who Am I is an error statement. For when one states who I am. It is actually what am I, or What I am. It is a what not a who. The self is nothing more than a label. Labels are an identification, but does not actually exist. In this process it is often the ego grasping.

The concept of self just like many within our existence is an illusion crafted by the mind.  What one perceives is a mental construct, what the mind perceives is not often reality. 



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Teachings By Losang Zangpo

" To free the body is to free the mind to free the mind is to free the spirit to free the spirit is to enter harmony, and peace. "

( from Eastern Text " Foolishness is knowing truth and Choosing differently." " Ignorance is A leading cause to suffering ")  the word ignorance has the word ignore in it. after thinking f these two quotes. and looking into the word ignorance i have come to notice the word ignore. It isn't necessarily the ignorance that is the issue, but the fact…


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Poly means many.

Ticks are blood sucking parasites.

interesting when one breaks down politics.

   Something I have long realized yet never really verbalised. Politics is nothing more than a being/spirit telling a being/spirit what to do, who to be etc... It is a being/spirit saying who is better and such. yet in truth we write our own destiny yet we try to control an others destiny. The need for politics is one of those  necessary that is not a necessary. 

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On Course Strategies for Creating Success in College and Life

Currently in college this is my Journal entry assignment and answer

Describe an important course correction you have made in the past. Explain how you, became aware that you were off course, what you did to change course, and how your efforts turned out. Most important, what did you learn from this experience.…


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An insight and Teaching

The God that you are referring to comes from the bible the hebrew word Elohim ( pardon if misspelled. ) Elohim meaning gods or magistrates derived from Semitic, eloah, Ugaritic ihm, The Canaanites El root usually derived from a meaning to be strong or to be in front of.

It is a genderless term from my understanding of it. The gender associated with the biblical deity is…


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Energy, Labeling theory

How Much Energy Does It Take? Defi(defy) Deity: Explain, Common: Average, Sense: Aware Focus: Point in optical system at which energy converge or form which they appear or diverge. Calorie: Amount of energy(heat) needed to raise the temperature of per gram of water by one degree, 4.184 joule equals one calorie. Thought: Act, Power, Process of idea, possibility, thinking... About 100 billion neurons form about 100 trillion neural connectors about 3 times the amount of the heart uses. Brain…


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On Course chapter 4 Case Study in critical thinking

Two students in professor Hallengren's English composition  class sat in the cafeteria discussing the approaching deadline for their fourth essay. 

"There is no way i can get this essay done on time," Tracy said. " I've turned in every essay late, and i still owe him a rewrite on a second one. Professor Hallengren is going to be furious."

" You think you're in trouble!" Ricardo said. " I haven't even turned in the last essay. Now I'm going to be two essay's behind."



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On Course Journal Entry 9 page 86

Feedback for Journal Entry #2: Page 86

Dropbox Feedback

Criterion 1: I wanted each student to use the example on page 85 to complete this assignment. List 2-3 short and long term goals with DAPPS. Ex: Cultivate patience and kindness with others and self could've been listed as a long term goal.

Rubric Name: Journal Entry Rubric (Revised 1/19)

This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and… Continue

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On Course Journal Entry 3 page 38 Results and feed back

Feedback for Journal Entry #1: Page 48

Dropbox Feedback

Criterion 1: You did a good job on your journal but I wanted you to address the sentence stems at the beginning. Your writing was very insightful about the experiences that you've endured, you explained how it has effected you. Continual wishes on using your Creator language and mindset for all the experiences that are yet to come!

Rubric Name: Journal Entry Rubric (Revised 1/19)

This table lists… Continue

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On Course Journal Entry 3 page 38

Through out the course of my life I have been known and prone to human mistakes, as well as contributing factors that have have lead to where I am at now in life. Growing up I was fairly a loner and to this day still have this to a degree. Growing up I would either be outside in the woods exploring nature, or in my room. If I was in my room I was partaking in studying, playing instruments(music), or partaking in recreational activities.

Within this format other processes have… Continue

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Helping and building

For a majority of my life, One f my many labels, I have been what one would call a seeker. A seeker is basically one who believes that a mind blowing answer could be revealed at any moment, and often will look into anything could reveal answers to questions. I plan on using what I learn and experience to practice in order to help other beings, and our own planet. Through out the course of my life I have studied and practiced many things in hopes of being able to be a helpful individual though I… Continue

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Teachings of Zangpo, Losang ( My Buddhist refugee name )

Teachings of Zangpo'Losang

3d3I is dedication, desire, discipline, integrity, intelligence, intensity a key formula for most journeys in life.

One can exist, one can survive, or o,ne can live

Foolishness is knowing truth, and choosing differently.

One repeats a ( karmic ) lesson until one learns from it.

For everyone finger one oints forward one has three pointing back.

To put one down one, one self must be down.

Impressions ( especially first ), often can not… Continue

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My Resume and other info

Name Full: Lypen, Dennis Anthony.

Name Refugee: Zangpo Losang.

Name Stage: Angtho

Number Phone Home: (843)-407-6789.

Address Home: Lypen, Residence; Florence, South Carolina 29501.

Email Account: losangzangpo@yahoo.com

Email Account losangzangpo@gmail.com…


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