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I'm not a Toy

I'm not some sort of toy

I'm not your object of play

Don't start shit with me little boy

I'm not in the mood today.

I'm not just some old doll

And I'm not some chick of stone

I'm not afraid of your blood on my wall

And I'm not scared of wasting bones.

I'm not some sexual pleasure

With a Mind that speaks to you

I'm not some fucking hidden treasure

So run tail like the other's do.

Stop fucking around with me

My… Continue

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Come On Babe

Baby why don't you call me?

You're probably out drunk

and feeling all punk,

But is that what you're meant to be.

Hey sweet thing why don't you come over?

I'll give you the moon

and we'll cast off the gloom,

and we don't even have to be sober.

Baby lets go out and play tonight.

I'll wear hooker heels

and we can keep spinning the wheels.

and come back by the dawns early night.

Come on sweet boy let's fall into… Continue

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Strangest Journies

How to describe this wonderous dream

Where to start and how indeed...

That crept through my mind in the dark

And gave to me, that tiny blue spark.

Oh wonder beyond measure my eyes behold

The princes of wealth all dressed fancy and gold

But empty like broken pottery of time

I laughed and left them to their folly and rhyme.

And then to appear before my very sight

A man with eyes as beautiful as night

With enticing soft coos and… Continue

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Your Blood

Rose colored fingers open my eyes

And the cold sits just above me.

I brush the sleep with a long morning sigh

Wondering where my ambition can be.

Slow to rise, a shiver or two paralyze

Just to release me when i throw on a shirt

My cup of coffee stares and will scrutinize

And the burn of the smoke always hurts.

What ever, I throw on some old pair of jeans

I think they were once his own pair

Throw on the music, the room starts to… Continue

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To Fly

To be forever, one soul, one Mind

To feel the time melt off and away

To run so far, and not look behind

Or to walk on without ever going stray.

To die, to dream, and forever be still

To feel decay tear the flesh and mold

Forever to lie, without anymore will

Or to run with the devil, soul sold.

Or to wake from a dream, so afraid

And to feel comfort from loving arms

Watching life untangle the twisted braid

And be free from the… Continue

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The Hanging Garden

To walk along the pretty garden, not a word shall pass

The heart is quick to harden, While the sun is leaving fast.

To find myself alone, so alone. With the cold air setting in

The perfume of jasmin, rose, and lilly, make my head shake and spin.

So green and soft the grass here, my barefeet never bleed

So bright the stars in heaven here, the moon dances and takes the lead.

But oh the silence binds us up. and the walls begin to form

As we sit amid the… Continue

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You know I care

Just breathe, we'll all be okay.
Sit down and be here, please just stay.
Falling down? it's okay. we all do sometimes.
And plus i promise you'll be just fine.

Didn't i say that i'll be right here.
So tell me, what the hell do you fear?
Take a breather and come here to me.
Just close your eyes, just let it be.

You know i care.

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Looking up, All those lights so far

Glimmering, sparkling, precious sweet stars.

If only, if only I could reach and could take

Those twinkles that dust the surface of this lake.

To glance down, all around me I see

Ripples, the dancing, a moment of peace.

To walk on the waters, right up to the moon

Ah, but to dare, is to drown oh so soon.

To stare all around, to find loneliness set

To feel the pounding of a heart, to begin to fret

Oh… Continue

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