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Passed Out

Passing out on the floor in your room

In the shadows, a sweeter softness looms

I can feel those arms, but can't feel a thing

Too tired to care, so let the phone fucking ring.

I can't hear that past face any more

Even if he's pounding on the goddamn door.

Don't get up baby, he can't even get in

Just come lay with me, and just let him think he wins

I don't want to leave your warm embrace

Staring back into that perfect face.

No, don't… Continue

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Gutters and Ghettos

Dropped down from the sky, in time with heart beats

All around the city, there's a pattering of feet

Run away from acid rain falling on your shoulders

And blowing around quietly the wind is gettin colder

So smoking the last bit of what ever's in our pockets

Keeping hold with a tight grip of some old and dirty locket

Our faces red from the wind tearing at our bag of bones

I guess this is what its like to not be so fully alone.

There's a run in… Continue

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God Called in Sick

So if you wanna find yourself in memories of the past

You're gonna find its hard to find that perfect little cast

That people run away some times and dreams will not come true

But hey now baby, don't be sad, theres no reason for the blues

Come on sweet little devil of mine, I've yet to feel that fire

Lets see how far you can lead me into that pit of fucking disire

I wanna feel myself be free from bondage of the soul

I don't wanna handle life while… Continue

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I wanna paint the town red

A mind that swims is a place to be

Where the imagination is always runnin free

With all that space to fill up with thoughts

And yet here I am again all fucking caught up

Within your image I find myself unable to forget

And yet despite my attitude there still holds no regrets

My mind races with longings of cigarettes and smoke

I love the feelings of the audiences chokes

For here I tip my glass again all full of booze

Its here and now that… Continue

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Cascading Thoughts

Forgetful, fleeting dreams like shadows from the past

A faceless crowd and a play without a cast

Lost in hazy eyes with a soul in winter slumber,

Noisy rooms with parties that Drink in sleepless slumber

Candles lit without a flame, nor a memory of one

Countless lost throughts that come to have no sum

Music without a melody drumbed out broken hands

A blind man with working eyes, a poor man with a stand

And band together now? While babes in… Continue

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The Pianist

Slender, slaving hands bleeding feverishly

To place a smile on a face, to hear a happy glee

And for the sound to come from the grinning beast

Whom upon unwilling souls, does its passion ever feast.

Romantic running sonnets, with words forgotten now

Crying tears from devils, with a gentle flowing bow.

Tinkering away at a beast that never sleeps

Whom in the silent shadows does its malice ever creep.

And from it's depths so silent, the hollow… Continue

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Eyes of Diamond Shards

What happens if I fall too hard? Into you’re deep star eyes?

Littered with diamond shards, And as vast as midnight skies.

Am I lost forever there? In eyes that move the moon?

Lost within arms that care, Let the morning leave so soon.

And if I seem so bold to say, “I love you for what it’s worth”

Can that make you want to stay? I’ll take away the hurt…

So if I kiss your lips today, Can I kiss them again tonight?

Let the kids keep to their play, And let… Continue

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