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The Lost Love Song

I wrote a love story for you

And painted a heart so true

From the depths of my paintbrush and the ink in my pen

All the folly I speak of is still in my head

Pitch black without evening stars

And memories formed by faded scars

All my thoughts run away, come the break of day

Fading from black to gray

But, Baby oh baby, it's still there

In your old faded jeans you still wear

My lipstick on collars and the look on your face

Don't… Continue

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Starry Midnight Skies

bet you anything, from who came from the generation of music.... that you'll notice a stunning similarity to Vincent by Don McClean.... Yes. I did style it that way, and it was hard to do when I forgot a few of the verses. I hope its similar in the pattern he set out. No its completely different from the story that the song tells. As you should know its about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. this is not =] I hope you enjoy. if you did Great tell me you liked it

Much Love… Continue

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That one time...Or was it then?

If for some reason I seem unkind

I do forever beg forgivness true

I suppose to let this story unwind

It's the happier mood I should persue

So let us begin whever ever is better

I've got no real preference here

Was it when he called or I got the letter

That began all this out drawn fear?

Or maybe it was when I called it off

And started to venture on my own

Or was it that annoying silent cough?

When the convorsations ran long on… Continue

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