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The Pianist

Slender, slaving hands bleeding feverishly

To place a smile on a face, to hear a happy glee

And for the sound to come from the grinning beast

Whom upon unwilling souls, does its passion ever feast.

Romantic running sonnets, with words forgotten now

Crying tears from devils, with a gentle flowing bow.

Tinkering away at a beast that never sleeps

Whom in the silent shadows does its malice ever creep.

And from it's depths so silent, the hollow… Continue

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Eyes of Diamond Shards

What happens if I fall too hard? Into you’re deep star eyes?

Littered with diamond shards, And as vast as midnight skies.

Am I lost forever there? In eyes that move the moon?

Lost within arms that care, Let the morning leave so soon.

And if I seem so bold to say, “I love you for what it’s worth”

Can that make you want to stay? I’ll take away the hurt…

So if I kiss your lips today, Can I kiss them again tonight?

Let the kids keep to their play, And let… Continue

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I'm gone

In case you forgot who I am

'ncase you miss my face

My silly notions on the trans AM

- kissin' with soft finger trace

On every post card I ever sent

Vexing letters of love and lust

Even if you seem completely bent

Retrograde being an absolute must

You forget I'm just laughing and gone

Over mountain and valley I'm there

Unless you follow, the music plays on

-I'm happy if anyone cares

So so long tears of… Continue

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What If...

What if I go one hundred miles,

Just ran for days and more days,

Could I still call to chat for awhile?

Catch my breath in a summer's haze?

And if I should change the way that I look,

Speak in a different fashion for me,

Could we still get lost in a few books?

Sitting under the old oak tree.

If I go losing my keys at night,

And lost my way back home,

Would you still search with all your might?

So I don't have to be so… Continue

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Sweet Realization

Bitter sweet is realization, Forgotten time

I’m still too young to know the perfect rhyme

Yet old enough to worry of what might be

Scared to death of not knowing what I can’t see.

Toyed with, and loved so sweet, I’ve been

Wrapped around a finger, belonging to him

Freed from bondage, and caged like a bird

Yet here I am, able to write down the words

I’ve much to learn, more is yet to come

Still a… Continue

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A Saturday of Carelessness

Gentle hands on cooling skin

A heartbeat of dreams so close

Entangled arms, hold and pin

The one that we love the most

Asleep in arms so big and strong

And dreaming of that face

Morning's come won't be too long

Eyes open as soft fingers trace

Good Morning baby, eyes so blue

And a smile so bright and nice

And yes, sweetie, I love you too

It's wonderful with you in my life

A kiss so sweet and forever pure

Unwilling to move from the…


Added by Kat on February 10, 2008 at 9:26pm — 1 Comment

Cowardice Reflections

Oh ye of gentle idleness, who waits for the break

Don't you see the quiver of lips, a giant shattering quake

Yet all ye do is gently laugh, and pretend that its all cool

Oh dear, you poor society soul, how you look like such a fool.

Yes, Please hurt, its what everyone does want

Why try to be passive, why not let loose and flaunt

Be harsh upon the people, whom only you care

Leave them hanging on ropes if you do dare.

Oh ha, ha, ha, It's only…


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Empty Rooms

She sat in the gloom of a night café

Lighting up for the millionth time

Oh how that smile would always betray

The pain of the passionate crimes.

He sat in the murk of an old dead bar

Lifting the glass for the millionth time

If only that beauty didn’t get so…


Added by Kat on January 31, 2008 at 11:10pm — 1 Comment

My Cupid So Burnt

Years have gone by in seconds

With pleasure wrought in love

Now and again life beckons

And death gives a quick little shove

Soft gentle lips kissing quietly

And unanswered prayers forgotten

Turning around oh so shyly

The years have gone sadly so rotten

Now crying is all that is done

And hearts are broken so swift

It wasn't the war that we won

Nor did we have an extra lift.

Driven by maddess and pain

With questions…


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I'll Be Just Fine

Eyes are glued on a clock that has stopped
With hopes that are long since dead,

Remembering feelings that once had been dropped

A stomach of acid, a heart made of lead
So softly she wishes to be perfect once more

To be the apple of anyones eye

But the sad little angel is just drunk on the floor
With a head filled with booze in the sky…

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Urban Decay

Kissing cups to stay awake, but the page begins to blur

To stay awake in the hazy gloom, a losing battle for sure

If only the rain would cry lighter, I could walk it off

Left sick and sleepy with silent dreams and a cough.

The music of a tunless guitar waves over open…


Added by Kat on January 21, 2008 at 10:12pm — 1 Comment

Let Loose Your Memories

Tread softly on this earth my dear

It's falling apart and pulling us in

Now, now my love there's nothing to fear

What need have we for this useless skin?

Hush-a-bye darling let loose your dreams

And they'll drift you softly away

Let go of your daily thoughts and schemes

And just watch your memories play.

Look there my sweet, you think of me

And the way we fell asunder

It's not right of you, so let it be

Forget my terrible… Continue

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Autumn Frost

Drip droplets of rain fall from an indifferent sky

As I turn to the face by me, looking ever so shy

Through frosted window panes that autumn gave

I can see the rocks that mark the sleeping graves

And walking down the green and golden paths

I feel my mind severed, almost completely in half

Sharing all that I know with the face beside myself

Taking out old dusty books from that long and lofty shelf

Then my mind slowly turns back to the falling…


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Lusterous Music

Sway... sway to the lapses of waves

Pushing and pulling, my soul does crave

Sensations only passing through the ears

Playing on through the sweet rustic years

Sweet symphony of the crying guitars

Moving from places, distant, so far...

Yet I move like they do, slow and fast

Not one thing can break this spell thats been cast

Caresses of a sweet, tugging voice

Leaving me void of any other choice

But to give in, and dance with the strings



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