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Earthquake? What earthquake?

Wow, well I missed out on all the excitement early this morning. It seems there was an earthquake in Illinois, and lots of people in this area felt it. My husband and children woke up. I slept right through it! We live right across a field from a very active train track, and it's also been very windy the past few days. Guess I just figured it was the usual middle of the night train that passes through, or another gust of wind catching the house and moving it about.I did wake up when I heard my… Continue

Added by Lilac on April 18, 2008 at 2:13pm — 4 Comments

Sage Advice From A Tender Young Soul

My grandson and I were playing this afternoon. He had fashioned a telescope from a section of a plastic hamster tunnel, and was squinting through it with delight. "Here Grandma," he said, handing the tube off to me, "it's YOUR turn!"

I stuck the curved tube up to my eye and pretended to "see" my favorite antique ceiling light through it. "I see the light up there. Can you see it?"

He grinned his little lopsided grin and stuck the "telescope" to his eye. He tilted his head… Continue

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The Perils of Taking Pity on a Plant Without a Label

So I was at Meijer Thrifty Acres a few weeks ago, when a beautiful globe-shaped woody plant that had dark green waxy leaves speckled with gold and pink spots caught my eye.It looked a bit forlorn, with the curled leaves dropped on the soil surface and the whiteflies buzzing about. Alas, I have a soft spot for orphans. More than once I've lost my entire plant kingdom trying rescue some clearance sale pestilent-ridden white elephant that should, by all rights and the opinion of sensible ethical… Continue

Added by Lilac on March 29, 2008 at 7:20pm — 3 Comments

A Slow Process

I'm amazed that I've gone from not recalling my dreams to consistently remembering them now. They are very insightful, but I am impatient. I want instant answers, but that's not the way things work.I've been told to be patient, and to pursue balance. That which is above and below, within and without, was, is, and shall be, is not built in a day.

Added by Lilac on March 12, 2008 at 3:28pm — 1 Comment

The Game Is Afoot!

So I've finally decided to relax into my pagan leanings and start learning more, and more importantly practicing more. I've had such a fear of this, having been duly indoctrinated in the past. I've vacillated back and forth between studying, practicing, and rejecting and studying some more. I've looked at my life from the very beginning, and can see where the Old Ways crossed my path again and again like a white stag, inviting me to step into the wholeness of it, the home of it.

I… Continue

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