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I have sounded the alarm

I have told you about Digital TV, and some of you may have the brains to know that in 2009 a storm will begin thundering across this planet a storm of swords and fire! that will take billions of lives. I have posted the warning. Some will listen many will scoff and say it's not true. But you who are chosen will see the threat and act to protect yourselves and your children. I will say no more. Now I sit upon the white mare who stands upon the hill and… Continue

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Replanting the Orchard

I was one of ten people who went out to get fruit trees and plant them yewster day after finding that The council Morgan and her fellow round table members had replaced and bannished had ripped out all the other fruit trees We had originally planted For the community. They actually ruined the communities food supplies and had rendered the area an unusable moon scape. So A new site chosen and was planted Yesterday And the old site of the orchard abandoned The soil was too polluted with weed… Continue

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A really cool Stone

I got on my mining adventure to North Carolina A quarts that formed around what I think it peach moonstone a two for one deal the power of a moon stone amplified by a water clear quartz, with just a touch of green tourmaline in it. What would be the use of such a chrystal? Please give me any info or web addresses you can so I may carefully explore this very neat specimine. It's been a great meditation and Dream work aid And it's not often something like this is seen.

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Today, I got cheated out of a quarter by a book store I do limited business with. I try to limit my business with christians as much as possible but right now I don't know of any pagan run businesses in my area and If I did I'd not be doing any business with the christian base companies at all. But Here's How Some Christian stores get rid of coins they get that are not US currency. THey give it to us it's not constantly done so it looks like a mistake. But here's what I do when it happens to… Continue

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I am going back to my old barn

I know I have lost of horses here at my old barn but I need to get back to basics and learn how to handle some things I thought I could THere's a horse Her I need to get some help with he's a balc gelding of mixed blood and for some reason he's just as resistant to being worked with as any mule can get. I think Robert might be better at getting this horse back into a good workable frame of Mind. AS I must have lost his trust in some way Thouigh I can't seem to figure out why.

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New Cut stones Have been arriving

So far out of the stones I left to be cut 3 out of the four have arrived A fabulous Champange Citrine, An amethyst of a very rich dark color I can only describe as a deep burgundy wine color and a beautiful dark hunter green tourmaline. The last stone is a deep dark smokey quarts They are Big rich looking stones

They are beautiful, and all are available The newest is a pink opal a gem I myself cabbed with a bit of matrix to add interest This is the love stone of the group! A simple rounded… Continue

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Still mad but more grounded

I guess Yard chores were what I needed to be doing at a time like this. The whole mess is really just something I'm going to have to deal with. People are too much of a mystery to me. So I'm Still going to have to deal with them in some way. I'm really feeling tired and a little less angry at finding my ranch ripped apart. But the place can be saved. At least that's what I'd want to do. The reason thing were done the way they were was to make the people we were helping here feel safer a covered… Continue

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I'm mad as a wet cat!

I'm trying to reempower an abundance spell, I know what happened the main players showed up on my dreamscape negative energy pouring from them there so I went and talked to the persons, from my dream, in real life they had indeed been talking about me behind my back , in a negative way pouring this negativity into the place where I cast my financial abundance spell. This was a sickening development for me personally and I'm really mad at these two people! But I'm trying not to let that anger… Continue

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I'm cuttung and Cabbing Some new stones.

Well I'm back from North Carolina and now the modem Quits is there any good news? Yeah I've joined a gem and mineral club and am getting educated in how to cut, cab and polish stones! So we are going to see more new stuff as fast as I can get it up on my site over on free webs. The real work is just beginning. and I have tons of great stuff available that hasn't been touched yet. So here we go tonight I'm cabbing An orange calcite. Starting off easy. But We'll see about that. Also, I have a… Continue

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Something Happened Last Night

I was meditating, and really into it. I placed these stones representing the elements in the pentacle positions around a candle. amethyst, (spirit) blue topaz,(air) aquamarine(water) green adventurine(earth) red adventurine(Fire). While I was meditating, I felt these presences around me. And everything got quiet. First the air was warm them cooler then, there was a misty feeling to it, then a floral like scent followed that and there were these images in my head like I was seeing these women… Continue

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After my gem trip I get RE Rescued

The new council is not who I had hoped for. These people were in with the three brats Bill put into the place. wander ups who claimed they needed help. I'm afraid this community is going under fast thank the Goddess I chose better for the new houston group. Morgan showed up because of a dispute about the ownership of the property. I'm now on my way to Maine. A really cold place. But so what else is new? My gem trip was very successful. I really feel that This wasn't only an exact event but that… Continue

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Admin elections

I'm worried about this but really don't want the stress of being a community admin because I can't form an effective leadership team to get things done, and end up having to get the job done myself. Even here I don't have the popularity to make a leader. Despite all the things I've done businesses that are earning the community money. I have a feeling this community is going the way of the Dodo, after only a year in this place there's others who want me out and I have to wonder why? When I 've… Continue

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How to plan for the layoffs

1) Have a savings plan where you can put a smalll amount to work and add to it regularly BEFORE you spend for anything else! The was the hardest thing for a lot of those we have trained here to grasp that they have a right to keep a portion of all they earn. They saw their bills and other needs comming BEFORE savings, This way of thinking costy you MONEY!

Try this excercise out of every dollar you spend for say 6 months put a dime in to a jar at the end of that time that jar will be full.… Continue

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A Light Shines Even as Employers try to ruin us

Has anyone noticed the number of Layoffs out there are all over the ager of 40? And who plans for this? ONLY A SELECT FEW! After 40 in the United states you get laid off or so It's Plan ahead or get a major panic attack! In our community several people recently were laid off by the biggest employers in town they were all over 40 unable to get unemployment insurance what did they have to fall back on? They had Classon's teachings the smart person and the seven laws of gold to follow. See… Continue

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Gem Bags and other matters

I'm thinking of adding Gem bags to my freewebs site. I'm going to be ordering from the gem mine in May.

And they usually send me really good stuff fresh packed in earth, with strong in energies. I thought just five bucks over the cost of the gem bag per pound, and I'd be able to ship postal service return reciept requested. Let me know if any one's interested.

Been thinking about a few thing lately. The fact I just rode away in every… Continue

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I made a new Necklace Over the weekend

Any one interested in a new Necklace? I made one. creamy sunset sky looking teardrop banded agate, with floral picasso jasper, and Labradorite on Copper wire. I made this Piece with a bar and ring closure, and it has no where to go. It cost $50.00 to make. This isn't really the usual for me, and I have no idea What the stones do idividually or as a combo. But it looks good. I usually make gems into pendants And I had to take a long long time with this piece. it's been in the works for a month… Continue

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I have been experimenting with scents of different candles rather then having incense and Candles both on my altar. There's a lot to be said for this one Combo I 've found particularly relaxing is made by empire home, their white Jasmine candle. a blend of jasmine, lilac rosewood and bergamot. It is quite restful. Here it costs about $10.00 for a very hearty sized candle, that burns slowly over about a month .So I figure if it works for me I'll offer it on My web site. Another thing I do quite… Continue

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Who's affected When you tell

After ten years of successful evaluation of an adult Bible study Class, a central Texas Church I can say with complete certainty , That those Who Tell risk more lives than their own, when they choose honesty over intellect. Your Parent's are Christians You know what their bible says about witches! It's Stupid To tell! Let's go through the list of people you hurt when you tell.

1)Your CHRISTAN parents!

The are now in the uneviable position of making angry phone calls to all of… Continue

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Don't ask Don't tell My reasons

Many young people think they should tell their parents that they are pagans or wiccans. This is a bad idea especialy if you are under age. In my experience the army rule Don't ask Don't tell applies to this situation.

1) What your parents don't know won't hurt them.

Telling your parent's you are not a christian is just about the most spiteful thing you can do to them. If they are devout in their faith it's better to put up a facade for their sakes as well as for yours. Telling them… Continue

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Feeling good after lots of work on energies.

Since I last posted I've been working with the excercises in my only book on magic, since leaving home almost a year ago. Has it only been a year? And it seems the only member of the family that hasn't given up yet is my brother. The reason of course is greed. I have a coin collection My dad began back when he was a boy. These coins are not worth anything But it's the idea that I have them and My brother doesn't and he wants them. He'd just spend them all and spread the negative energies they… Continue

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