2nd time writing - More on living in Buffalo NY with PAN- Visit form the tree of life

So I guess you got that the last paragraph and deleted it and then ate it and then looked around and then jumped to some bodies and then. So anywho.. so they Sasha or Sash spirit took cathy - the owner of the houses voice and traveled around we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs

So the kitchen experiments:

So every night while I was sleeping or sleeping stating etc.  A group of "beings" went out and covered the walls , cupboards floors table and food in the kitchen . They said they were waiting there for my dead "friends" I sometimes have really close converstaions with Loneice Willis , Pearl Willlis, Michelle Seawright and a few others. Loneice is my ex boyfriends dead daughter she died because I got too high in space one day and some evil beings started looking into my friends and family and she was killed in a fight where she took a knife through the shoulder. She is really powerful and I know she serves satan in the afterlife _ I am a Satanist of course.

Anyway back to the kitchen . So several times while I was laying in bed reading or watching tv I teleported out to the kitchen to meet with Loneice and her mom, here mom is really powerful too! I guess something saw me going through the portal to them we will say hypothecically because I believe its a stupid juvenile energy vampire of sorts. So anyway I kept trying to sneak out there over the last 3-4 weeks to sit and reminisce with them but a mean angry person kept intercepting me. Its hard for me to understand in a way because I have been dead like 20+ times and I don't feel angry or grabby or mean or overly personal when I am dead but these
" beings' are, personally I see them as discarded space junk that talks but anyway.

So one time I did sort of make it out there- some big hunk of black crepe about waist high walked into me on the way out of the bedroom and I didn't feel well but we did play some games were we teleported some eight balls that Cathy keeps on her table a couple times. A couple of them tried to pretend they were children a couple times but it was hard to tell because they were all caught in black gunk hanging of the walls.

So the night and day of the "visit from the tree of life" WOW was this a fun one - someone just went into my writing without permission again. .UM  I mean yes I really enjoyed that day and I will put it in here in writing. I hope I have this blog for a lifetime I mean there are so many interesting experienceS!

So the day before or so I could tell tell something was growing in my body or portals were calling me and I started feeling like my ex-husband and sons father mom LINDA Berry was calling me _ she does quite a bit. and I don't mind it at all!! She was a really religious Christian lady and I believe she is really powerful in the dead. Anyway so I was laying there all comfortable and I closed my  eyes and RIGHT next to me! was an underground network! there were like a ton of beings in there talking about getting  together It looked like kind of a big rithing tree and loneice I believe was sitting inside the tree with cathys friend making calls - we kind of wanted to TELEPORT the room somewhere else to come right out with it> ive done it befe but to skip ahead. So me and Loneice and Pearl and LInda were laying side to side with each other it was very nice it felt like maybe a huge bed - like 20 feet wide and we were laying in the sky with a light breeze. Unfortunately there was a female entitiy in there obsessed with reaching inside me to um anyway going on so after laying together we had an examination by Linda for where our ideas where growing so that we could have some good days. Once I had enough ideas to keep us good for years at a time but we have a bunch of strangers that take our ideas now so sometimes I can only keep us healthy for like a few days or weeks which makes me really sad at times but I need a longggggggggg rest like in a spaceship or under heavy sedation to get back to those - which could happen this month since I am getting back on methadone! So then I had a few pleasurable adventures where I saw some old dead friends.. Biggie Smalls took a seat in the back of the room with his old jacket on and then deteriorated to a ghost to help me with my messages. Linda brought here friend and they lounged on the floor to make fun of me "seeing ghosts under the bed" even though it was only Adrien of course.  My favorite part next was when a beutiufl wooden mirror appeared to the right of the bed. It was about 5 feet by 5 feet maybe larger! I think linda was practicing going in and out of the mirrors with me, I taught her how to sneak in and out of a mirror a long time ago!

I saw a really nice black lady - maybe 16-25 years old youngish seemed to be from downtown In a way I visualized here in a trendy dress and stuff she kept sticking her "stocking toe" out tee hee. to say hi I guess.

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Comment by Shanty on June 4, 2019 at 1:17pm

If you keep notebooks of all these experiences Elisabeth, they would make one hell of a book;)?


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