Since Business announced his intent to transfer this forum to a new platform, there has been a lot of conjecture as to what form it will take, where and when. I know quite a few of the friends I have made over the scant two weeks plus I have been here have been more than upset about it, including my own misgivings after having spoken to Business in a private message.

And now today he has announced in a status post that we are "currently" changing over.

For whatever time we have left here, I want everyone I have made friends with to know it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Some of the better of you are following me over to another Ning 'site that is friendly, breathtakingly beautiful in design and has absolutely NONE of the spam problems nor the creepy men trying to pick up a skirt by asking every female in the chat room to be their "friend". This got so bad I started telling them off (quite harshly) and this is taking so much of my time, I no longer visit the chat room with any regularity.

I will give this new 'site a chance, BUT if we are plagued by the same problems, including rumors of an affiliate program and fees for listing products and services, I will be gone to my new online forum quite soon. I, like many of us, cannot waste time dealing with all the issues we have had here on paganspace.

If you wish to follow me or would like an alternative to this situation that is stable, beautiful and friendly, please email me. I will check back here daily until the 'site no longer functions.

If the 'site is down and I have not reached you, I can be contacted via my Etsy store, The Ears Have It through their contact form at

Peace and Blessings,

)O( Luna

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Comment by Celestial Goddess on July 31, 2019 at 11:20pm

Hey, Luna.

Here's something you may not realize. currently, if you type in without https:// into your browser, you get taken to this site. The new URL for it is which in case the mirror method stops working, you should be able to access it this way.

Also, and more importantly, if you are willing to give the new site a go, I made a new post there which should help you transition easier as a lot of people have the same questions. what will happen, now?

How To Access Old Site

You, and I, and many others here are in the same boat. Business is a very focused man, and so when he gets around to wanting to completing something, you and I both know he'll probably shut a lot of other things out. But if you feel like he isn't giving you the time of day, perhaps it is something that he will learn in time how to be more open and communicative with others. I think a lot has been on his mind and he may be under pressure to try to complete this transition, among other things.

We all know the toxicity of this site is because nobody has given it their all for awhile now. And so even with limited help, you can't beg for too much, because, in the end, we all do some kind of thing outside the cyber world This means that trust is, well, given on a need to know basis, and when people fail at it, for any reason, we all see how problems have a potential to get out of hand if seen to.

My goal in saying this, is that I understand why you're hesitant to move. And like you, I wish the best for us as a collective. dividing our attention between places to visit online, well it's certainly useful and definitely makes sense if that's what keeps people happily posting in the cyber world. but ultimately, even if we end up on different networks, we can't get away from human nature. Which doesn't differentiate between places to visit. It makes use of what we do while we visit together. So truthfully, focusing on the collective as a hole, as best we can, should mean something to anyone in a position to lead us where we are blind. This insight, is a matter I understand well. It is powered by other means which it must obey, and should those means find any reason to break the chain we are connected to, it is not always the fault of the strongest, but rather the weakest among us who is seen as the strongest to change the most.

Ideally, no leader should have to do so much, and have that much control over our cyber world. Because really, we are in a sense, each of us, our own leaders of our own ideals. And so, I only hope that each of us find a common accessible one we can each enjoy. I do not believe one versus many networks will cure this need. I believe that many networks on many systems with one linking factor, that is well maintained, will cure this need ideally. This is what needs to be defended if anything, and a decentralized presence where we can find one another, does tend to gravitate towards one we police prior to us always realizing we do so. It comes from the heart, and if all else fails in the cyber world, we have a physical one that is as home to us as any we have ever known. We are also spiritual by nature, and as takes precedence in times of change, it is this place that provides timeless wisdom for the unchanging among us. Let such wisdom guide you to happy places, and no matter what, one day, somehow, some way, we will all see one another here as our connection grows.

No matter what happens, the best quality of any leader, is maintaining a connection point for us to connect to. It is as simple as that, something we are already doing in the cyber world, but have yet to establish a physical presence for in turn. This has to happen. Event orientated objective imagery is what keeps us inventing a future we can thrive in. And it is one that I truly believe, we are never alone in making a reality. So please don't consider the side show too much on who is here, because the real message even if all sites become extinct online that we should be already embracing while we are still here, is making sure we create such a decentralized linking system to keep us connected with whom ever speaks to our spirit and our heart the most.

Clarity, and enlightenment go hand in hand when creating a society of like minded individuals. So together, I know we can focus on a better Pagan Space,  a simple enough goal, but enough to mark us out. Should your vision for such a network be realized, I encourage you to follow through on it and see how far we can co exist if nothing else. If we encourage each other to take hold of our strongest link, to improve the leadership of that which challenges us still.

With honor, love and appreciation of all that you are,

Celestial Goddess. Be well Luna, and I hope to hear from you either way.

Comment by Spooky on August 1, 2019 at 8:50am

I have this odd and very persistent memory of warning this community of this exact issue; no one took notice; however, the entire community did treat me like crap as a result, while kissing his boots for an admin position. The new site actually looks a lot worse than the last version of the new site which looks like it was designed by a child. There will be a paywall; there are integrated e-commerce options in NING 3.0; this is actually going to be funny, since as a pagan seller, you know that trying to force pagans to fork out cash for a social media site (or anything really) is a really bad idea. The "owner" of the site actually used the data from this site to make his site look more legit, as I said he would, so I was able to sign in on that site with my banned account (he actually downloaded the data before I started my tirade) and closed my account taking with it ALL of my content. I suggest that you, and everyone else in this community, do the same if you disagree with his bullshit antics. It's the only thing that you can do at this point.

Comment by Spooky on August 1, 2019 at 5:03pm

FYI I have Starr in private message on FaceBook; the short version: she's pissed.

Comment by Verdandi on August 1, 2019 at 9:16pm

I went to the new site..   and decided to delete my account and all of my content.  I do not like the direction it is going in. 

Comment by Celestial Goddess on August 1, 2019 at 10:58pm

I have Facebook as well. Lets just see if any of this is real. You all left this site to make your own, and then Spooky removed it from existence 5 days after it started. Sorry but that's as credible as you get, previous 3 commenters. Can't you just work with us for once instead of always having to be angry? That's what truly started it all, you made this a big deal instead of leaving alone what isn't your drama to get involved with. That's the truth...and that's why people if anything wish to leave. So either make your own place, with the original owner, and let this one lead. Or get the original owner to convince the platform provider, to take this one back and carry on where we all left off. We still can do that, and since both 3.0 and 2.0 are owned by the same people, it shouldn't be hard to convince the original owner to cancel the 3.0 version of this place. Or just take it over as well.

We're all entitled to our opinions, but if we don't find common ground, we're going to become Pagan hates.

Comment by Spooky on August 2, 2019 at 8:26am

I removed the site because it was a trial run, and because there was a lack of interest, and frankly you all don't deserve my help in that regard. I decided on a blog to help share my knowledge, with an option to subscribe; don't act like it's an accomplishment to profess any knowledge, that I spoon fed to you about myself, because you know exactly what I want you to know. The only reason that I won't share proof with you is because I don't respect you and I have nothing to prove to you because of that. If you aren't on Starr's friends list it might take awhile for her to get back to you because unconnected people are filtered. She told me to tell you all to hang tight, so hang tight, take what you can get at this point, take your meds and quit bitching.

Comment by Celestial Goddess on August 2, 2019 at 1:58pm

Well I happen to respect Starr. I think the one person who should be chiming in here but isn't, is Business. I respect everyone, and although some decisions are hard to stomach at times, working together is better than separating oneself completely and running around disrespecting whom ever you like.

You can be unpleasant sometimes, Spooky. But I hold no ill will towards anybody. Luna is amazing at sticking to what she believes in, and not creating drama. I respect and admire people who show kindness, and are willing to set aside differences, to communicate. It's okay to disagree, and it's okay to agree with a disagreement. But I think what defines a truce, if anything, is working beyond the problems we seek to resolve.

I'm glad you and Starr are talking to each other. Perhaps you are more of a person to talk to who has impatient qualities and prefers to be vocal in anger and sarcasm. I wonder, did you let her speak? Or were you trying to get her upset? Respect is about listening to others, and not belittling or judging people.

You used to care, before you met Chandler. You used to be nicer to see on the forums than Dave P. Now that you were taken seriously by someone, you turn into what you professed to be above? Why be so unhappy?

You have made nice people bitter and upset. I do not like how preventable this situation could be, if we all found a common goal to move forward with. I had thought, your attempt at a site was to do so. Whatever you were testing, was something you intended to share with people who trusted you to lead them. And whatever Luna is sharing, has already met and exceeded this goal.

Your anger hurts the spirit of what we can still revive this place to be. So please do not give up hope. I urge you not to talk to Starr about what upsets you, and help her find peace knowing that what can cure this drama comes from us working together as one. That is if you respect anyone to be in such a position. The key is sticking to something that works well. I say this because she doesn't need to be more upset, she has to heal so if she wants to be in a position to guide others again, we can learn as we have already done so from such things. We are still a part of her creation, and her vision is honorable. Even if some aspects of how it is run, could be improved.

I do not believe chandler would be that dense as to forget how to run things while he is still with us. And all be it alone, he is managing quite well under the circumstances to keep us all still here. I think that is honorable as well. He is doing a better job, than some I can name. And is not seen to be limiting us at the moment.

I am sorry for the circumstances surrounding the confusion. All we can do is work together to fight the worst of what we fear, to make it beautiful. Providing clarity and progress once again.

Comment by Luna Whoticore on August 2, 2019 at 3:21pm

I certainly agree with Celestial on a lot of points and am going to stop the discussion between you and Spooky. Everything has been said that can be said, thank you for keeping it civil and thank you, Celestial for your kind words.

If anyone else wants to chime in, please feel free. Thank you all for keeping a sensitive subject from turning into a hurtfest/hatefest.

Peace and Blessings,

)O( Luna

Comment by Enigma on August 2, 2019 at 7:05pm


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