Mark Me. (Based on Dante and Milton)

Mark me sinned.
With nine levels to push through,
In sync with each fiendish crew.
I've a long way yet to run
But at the end, it was all in good fun.

Mark me Angered.
First the heart is dashed carelessly
The forgiveness given ever so rarely
So frowning and full of untainted hate
The driving force through hell's first gate.

Mark me Lustful.
Oh then how folly and fun came swift
From purity, the mind made quite a shift
To cravings and needs ever taboo
This puts me forth to gate number two.

Mark me a Glutton.
So filled with the desire to take all in sight
Not stopping for the luxury of day or night.
Then to grow fat upon what land I have taken
But each step through gate three, not even shaken.

Mark me the Greedy.
Who said I should ever share with all there is.
I worked hard for my sin, even gave Lucifer a kiss.
It's my gold, my common wealth that I leave behind
Gate four is my doom, still wandering blind.

Mark me the Violent.
I leave behind me, a trail of mixed blood.
The death and decay is the smell of tracking mud.
And should I forsake my quest for the devil?
Down through gate five, down another level.

Mark me False.
I the thief and the relentless holder of gold.
The indulgence of others, in my palm I hold.
And for my sin I just laugh and keep my counterfeit
But gate six is not the end of my greatest trip.

Mark me Unchristian.
Unbaptized, and unwilling to bow
God is dead to me, and with him his sacred vow
So for Satan my soul is ever to descend
But Gate seven is not even close to the end.

Mark me Lost.
Lethe is my waters, burning and gone
The forgetful and fleeting memories of doing wrong
The slow labyrinth flows me to Pandemonium
To spend in confusion another Millennium .

Mark me treacherous.
My journey through the gates have brought me
Here in the end, for eternity to be.
So sinned I have, and now I pay
The labor of Lucifer shall fill my very days

Mark me Heretic.
For Gods grave so early dug and filled
And for murder so fowl, the cancerous kill
Give me a freedom undaunted by pain.
Through gates I pass, and the devil does gain.

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