Upon where my quest now ends,
My breath caught in the eyes that bend,
Twisting towers climb the skies of my mind,
In treasure chests a secret gold is my find.

Dream on sacred heart with a lock without a key,
'Twas in your darkest mind wehre I lost my plea.
Drink down the blood of thine enemies ever sweet,
But keep your feet far from my own street.

The distilling noise of anger and riot,
The plane lays silent without a dreaming pilot.
Are you once again entering my awakened mind?
My own tuition betrayed the facts left far behind.

Hostage to hostility and games i cannot win,
Ashes spread across the snow with the help of gentle wind
I care not for the grace of man for none left to admire,
So doth I fan the growing flame of audacity's sultry fire.

And lustful ears of wanton man who see only the end of life,
I've yet no growing pity for your ever growing strife.
In the womb of night with light from the ever pregnant moon,
Has enlightened me and secretly hath shown me empty rooms.

Let die this vanity of masks that hide the face of beggars
And let loose the grip the ignorant who only wish to wager,
Pages sworn in silent shouting calling out me
I've yet to come to grips with the new founded free.

So away with thee old memories and goblins draped in cobweb,
The turning comes with the bitter breath beyond the dead.
I'll welcome Mab on her moth's gray back to drink again the gold,
The ending days of summer now being the silent slinking fold.

The colours comfort in the yearning of what's new,
I'll think idly and foolishly upon loving you.
The romantic heart is growing again with winters iced embrace,
Enough has fallen away to show the truth of mine face.

Why slip I back into the rhyme who holds me deep in abyss?
I can find no comort here, no eternal moment of bliss.
As if the reaper summoned me beyond the pain drenched grave,
The night has offeren many things including freed from slave.

But what becomes of the soul of skeletons burried deep in misty lips?
Would time wash away three years of sins using lover's kiss?
What a blessing that should jolly well be.
So much I'd ask it as much times as three.

Would letting go finally make you see my pain?
Or yet still oblivious to insight's gain?
Well hang you and your borish depression,
I'm not falling back into that regression

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