Years have gone by in seconds With pleasure wrought in love
Now and again life beckons
And death gives a quick little shove

Soft gentle lips kissing quietly And unanswered prayers forgotten
Turning around oh so shyly
The years have gone sadly so rotten

Now crying is all that is done And hearts are broken so swift
It wasn't the war that we won
Nor did we have an extra lift.

Driven by maddess and pain With questions unanswered to why
How was this sweet cupid slain?
Where are my wings to fly?

Broken like a fallen doll A face filled with so many cracks
So many lost and silent calls
What is it my life now lacks?

Ah yes, that cupid still so maimed My salvation, my very own wings
My heart has yet, to be reclaimed
So cold and without great things.

What comfort lays here in a graveyard? Where tombstombs claim the names
Broken memories cut like shards
And yet no one is really to blame.

So human, and filled with mistakes Yet no forgiveness for the soul
A body betrayed now starts to break
A heart still missing, pleading its goal.

Now rocking besides the fire The wood still has yet to be lit
Dwelling in the memories aquired
Tears rolling in an untold fit.

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