She sat in the gloom of a night café

Lighting up for the millionth time

Oh how that smile would always betray

The pain of the passionate crimes.

He sat in the murk of an old dead bar

Lifting the glass for the millionth time

If only that beauty didn’t get so far

He shoulda never traded her for dimes.

Hair up with spray and perfume chains

She giggles to the faceless strangers

Outside, the sky is her eyes and rains

Why the hell does his memory linger?

Kicked out for a fight he stumbles along

Unshaven for days on end

His eyes well up at the sound of their song

He looked for that helping hand.

No matter how hard she played that night

That face wouldn’t change one bit

Clinging for a worthless cause so tight

After him she still feels like shit.

She could tease and please him all she wants

But his mind just wouldn’t stop

He remembers the way SHE used to flaunt

It was her he never shoulda dropped.

Lipstick is cheap, as well as that hose

So she leaves it and goes back home

On the counter, she sees his red rose

And its there she feels all alone.

He leaves for the box of 20’s he needs

Smoking em as quick as they came.

Buying a paper to sit down and read

All the words make him cry in shame.

Hands over her face, she sits in the kitchen

Pulling at a bottle of sweet brown gold

On the phone her sister is still bitchin

About all the men here are fucking cold.

He sits with his friend on an old park bench

Hearing the babble of comforting words

Still his heart beats achingly and still wrenched

Looking at the leaves that quietly stirred.

Relief for both will come ever soon?

Probably not before break

Sleeping alone, in empty rooms

Makes anyones heart fucking ache.

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Comment by Dragonwraith on February 1, 2008 at 5:02am
really like the poem; very emotional and i will invite you to check out my poetry on my blogs. hades! you welcome to invest in my two poetry books
keep up the good writing and emotional feeling is felt in this poem you have talent! ty for sharing
Anubis Blessings


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