Religious Discrimination and Violation of Freedom of Speech . . . !!!

This happened 2 weeks ago, now . . . and I am taking it up with my Union!!! Plus, I'll seek out whatever I need to do with Project Witches' Protection, which is where this email went:

MM. My name is Angie ((Wynter Ravyn)), and I am in xxxxx's "xxxxxx xx xx" Coven. However, I am a Nurse and I work in xx . . . at the xxxx, so I am not sure whether my question falls under xx or Federal . . . BUT!!! Here's the situation:

This week, on Wednesday, my Nurse Manager pulled me into the breakroom, alone, and told me to take off certain items: My 2 Pentacle Bracelets, My Triquetra Bracelet, My Star's-and-Moon Bangle Bracelet, my Raven/Pentacle earring, my Goddess-straddling-the-Moon Earring, and My "Born Again Pagan" button/pin. Specifically, she said "I need you to take that button off. I don't know how I would explain it."

After being stripped of my jewelry, but allowed to maintain my watch, my NON-pagan bracelet, two rubber bracelets, and Steve Irwin Buttons/Pins, I was VERY upset. I politely stated, "You are asking me to remove all of my Religious Symbolism." I was so angry and upset all day, that I was so exhausted from the energy this demand drained out of me, that I literally found myself falling asleep at the wheel, repeatedly, on my way home from work ((I live in xx, 45 minutes away)).

I can not be certain that I was singled out or not; I never went from department to department to see if others had been stripped of their jewelry, but I am pretty sure that Religious Symbolism was in question in my case, simply by the statement my Nurse Manager made, when she directly pointed to my Pagan button, told me to remove it, and stated she wouldn't know how to explain it. My Cell-phone has a Faery on it. It clips onto my pocket, but the Faery is visible. My boss told me to turn my phone over and tuck it into my pocket.

I don't know if this particular detail is helpful or not, but we did have "inspectors" there Tuesday and Wednesday. And, she also stated "infection control" when she asked me to remove the Pagan -- but not the other -- jewelry and to tuck my phone inside my pocket.

I don't want to make things particularly rough on myself, especially given the fact that I truly need my job, but at the same time, if people are not made aware of religious discrimination, then I feel we are allowing "the burning times" to resurrect itself, even if only by a different means/name.

Am I making too much out of this? I don't know. But what I do know is that before this "incident," my Nurse Manager has been recently mentioning she is wanting to "have a meeting with a union representative and me." I don't know what I will be up against, but I do know that I don't have a very good grasp on Witchcraft, Witches, and the Law in the Work Environment.

xxxxx wanted me to shoot you an email to let you determine whether or not anything should be done or perhaps nothing at all. I certainly don't want to over-react. I also don't want to be too hasty. Actually, I am not too sure what I want to do at this point, since I was about ready to drop it and just be rail-roaded, but xxxxx took the time to follow up with me, so not wanting to sell-out witches everywhere, I decided to follow-through at least with this email . . .

((Note: I am NOT Ms. Cabot, I am Wynter Ravyn. I just like to include her quote in my Signature because I find her AMAZING!!!))

"Let the majick begin!" -- Laurie Cabot

An' ye harm none, do what ye will. So Mote it be.

)O( Blessed Be!!! )O( *Wynter Ravyn* )O( -:¦:-..· ..¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·.. .·..¨¨))
-:¦:- *Angie* -:¦:-

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Comment by Koori G on February 6, 2008 at 7:44pm
G'day there *Angie* Wynter Ravyn
here here, bravo..
I know plenty about predjudice and bigotry, I feel it almost daily...probably do experience is a great deal at least.
Far out its just so nonsensical for this koori lad, or maybe a blackfella is still deemed ' primitive' or such like stereotypes.
I cannot agree more, why can't one display only certain "religious" items and not others?
I wonder if it were a Catholic Hospice would they remove their crusifixes and other relics?
Islamic girls being barred from wearing a burqa or hajib....koori people not allowed theurs...pagans.
We are all , ALL just human beings, in this vastly complex world of millions of other beings...
We are all born from the Mother erath, Gunimaa we say in my lingo..Gaia in others etc
not just us humans, ALL beings...all part of this DReaming
We are all this being, this human being , us people
so we all have a primordial sprituality, one that existed before we gave it names and starting eternally theologising about it, one that existed even before that, before human beings....s we are all human beings with human being spirituality, we give it different names, have different customs, languages, but we are spaeking still, of 'who we are'..and we are human beings now
That Jesus book, the Jewish Dreaming...It has Laws, just like blackfella Law
We have a Law, just like their law...Do not kill each other
In the name of their God, thier Dreaming, they came, killed thousands and thousands, for "wearing their sprituality'...for being us, this human being
So we look at that, and think, what kind of Law is this,
our Law cant be broken, ever, and when it does get broken, we have payback, like old law..but not..our way

That is who we are tho, and that payback is determined by the victims family and the offenders family
It may involve violence, if the crime was violent, but we have our justice too..and there are never recriminations, revenges...whatever the nature, appropriate response is applied...
thats traditional Law, but nowdays, white society determines laws, and also our it has evolved, but our views are still the same
we are all people, each of us entitled to wear our spirituality openly, and proudly, and equally we should respect each others spirituality, each others 'human beingness'...and move a people, as humans...
respect as yu would be respected, do not expect more than you are willing to give
treat all beings with the respect you would have them give you as a human being
Share and the world shares back
harm none and have none would harm thee
take and she takes back too
thats the Dreaming...thats

keep it deadly sista....
Blessed Be
Gundimaa guullabadhaay nginayayaana
May the Mother earth, Gundimaa, love and protect you
and all you love

Comment by Gypsy Bruja on February 6, 2008 at 7:53pm
there is a Republican candidate for President who DOES believe in our constitution and religious freedom for everyone...he even took his picture with me *(wearing pinnacle) and shook my hand. His name is RON PAUL.
Comment by Koori G on February 6, 2008 at 8:06pm
Hi Gypsy Bruja
how are you?
I have only rudimentary knoweledge of American politics, though I know many indigenous people there, I am Australian and not so up to date with goverments and thier views
I am glad to hear he is a patron of freedoms, if so he would already have my interest should I be voting there,
my hope is we all, all people move forward together, free from these bias's and just live, as human beings, like all people are...
now thats a dream...shared by all the truely spirit minded people...harmony, peace....happiness...freedoms from hunger and thirst...religous or racial predjudices, free to live respectfully and be treated respectfully
glad to here there are more of us oout there


keep it deadly Gpysy...(koori term, well friend)
Gundimaa guullabadhaay nginayayaana
May the Mother earth, Gundimaa, love and protect you
and all that you love

Comment by necro will on February 7, 2008 at 5:30am
dark and light greetings to you my friend... i apologize for the single minded co-workers you have to be around. i haven't been dealing much with the spiritual realm long. but i've noticed already that we are very much out casted. your situation definetly deserves attention from out side help. the feeling i'm picking up from your message is that your being targeted. paganism may not be a christian religion but its still "your" religion and a boss isnt' aloud to disrespect your beliefs all the same. so i would definetly do your homework and find out your rights more so you can be able to fight this harrassment. may the dark gods and your fallen angels watch and protect you during your rough times...
Comment by Koori G on February 7, 2008 at 3:18pm
Thankyou necro will, I have my protectors, they been there for millenia...and no matter the things done to this human being, my Dreaming has lived for millenia and will go on eternally.... my dreaming is me and nothing , nothing can change it....this lifetime here, this human beingness, is just a dream, ...a tiny part of me, of my Dreaming....and I have had many ... my spirit is older than Moses....older than Adam....
I know my songlines, I know my Dreaming....
I am Gurrimunyah, a proud Kamilaroi man...and my name is me, its my story, not merely a name.
May the mother of us all, Gundimaa the Mother earth care and protect you and all you love

Comment by Koori G on February 7, 2008 at 5:54pm
yes...perhaps you may sue.....or not.
Perhaps you may just explain who you are and ask why you cannot express yourself your way...
maybe mediation is the best way to try first, if it doesnt work....then be you anyway, and demand to know what consequences they hold that are backed by any laws..

Be true to yourself....that is all that matters

Comment by Aine Pandora on February 10, 2008 at 1:38pm
Wow! That's awful! I had never heard of anything like that! I'm so sorry you had to go through that!

Good luck on any action you decide to take! I understand not wanting trouble for yourself but I don't think an act like this one should be ignored. This would just reinforce that type of attitude, wouldn't it?

Blessed Be!
Comment by David Darkfire on February 11, 2008 at 4:53pm
Greetings...from what I've read in your statement, you said that her focus was on the button you were wearing..Born again Pagan. Ok, in the work place I can understand them not wanting a bunch of pins, buttons and labels all over their workers in a professional environment. However, when it comes to your symbols of religious belief with your jewelry, they don't have the right to single you out and remove yours only. The only way that can happen is if they have a policy that prohibits ALL jewelry of ANY religious belief. I would mention that to your union rep. Either they require it of all, or none. They can't pick and choose...for that IS discrimination.

Good luck..blessings, my friend.

-David Darkfire-
The journey continues...
Comment by Dragonwraith on February 14, 2008 at 8:02am
this is a total violation of your religious right to freedom in both america and canadian consititions and if ya want i can get the sector (thou i wont blog down the comment with it lol)

what i would do is this

1 lay a complaint with management get a written notice of this complaint

2 return to work and wear your jewely and religious symbols

3 if asked to remove it refuse and say have management tell you to remove

and most important of all inform both her and management that you are seeking legal aid if it continues

i know sounds extreme but really isnt and as long as you arent physcially putting people in danger ie due to being a nurse that you are and gettin your necklace tangled up in iv

and as for darkfire above if they didnt make you remove other buttons that are none pagan then to put it bluntly tell em no

the phone thing....nm im going off into a rant

i dispise religious intolerance and i watch it extremely closely in myself

Anubis Blessings
Comment by Wycky on February 23, 2008 at 11:08pm
I'll be praying for their intolerance to lead to religious education and tolerance in your workplace. For that is what I hope is to happen.


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