Snowing , Blowing......frigid. I have to say I love winter storms.......maybe almost as much as I love thunderstorms. When they start, I get excited, and hope for inches and inches. I woke this morning to a blustery, billowing blanket of white. *happy dancing*. I do get a bit nervous when the wind gets excessive....being the owner of an older home....already in need of repair. This week has been interesting weather-wise......thunderstorms and torrential downpours.....then 3 days later, a blizzard.

We went out for breakfast with my daughter and her boyfriend and filled our bellies with warm goodies. I've spent the day running around, only wishing I could just be still and watch the sky. We are now getting ready to go to afore mentioned daughter and partner's home for homemade beef stew and bread. mmmmm. more warm belly stuff. (not that i need it, we all know I have enough insulation) Coming home early tho, and I think I may just talk an evening walk. I will be bringing in some snow to put on my altar to melt......and then water my herbs with. Sounds like a nice treat for them.......filled with lots of energy.

Keep warm !!!

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