for anyone who reads this...i need help with money blessing

i've never asked for much in my life but right now i'm in dire need of money due to my bills pilling up from my son's surgeries. i know it's not an excuse but it happened;( is there a blessing i can do or anyone can do to help my situation? please let me know. thank you all!

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Comment by Dhoni, the binary star elemental on October 7, 2008 at 4:00pm
I would invite you to work with green stones such as Jade or Aventurine. Amber works well too and never needs cleansed. Also Magnetic sand is nice. Do a ritual of your choice with green/gold candles, and personalize it. Good deities to work with for abundance is, in my books, Hecate, Pluto, the Wyrd Sisters, Spiderwoman, The Fates. Then during the ritual simply empower the stones, then carry them with you as talismans.

Phrase everything in the here and now. Instead of asking for $1000.00, or whatever you need, State it as if you have just been given it and state in gratitude a thanx for the abundance. "Universe I am carring this Jade Talisman in gratitude of the abundence and love I know I have recieved." or some such positive statement.

Look at the money as abundance from the universe. When you wake up each morning you dont worry if you will have enough air do you? Typically not due to there being enough, an abundance of air everyday. See all your needs being met this way. There is always enough and the universe will give you want you need/want/desire as long as you are open to it. Just like air. It is always there, Its your choice how deep of breath you take.

Good luck and Blessings.
and So it is!


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