Fake Witches People Who Claim To Be Witches & Teachers

People Who Claim To Be Witches & Teachers

So many Seekers ask us for referrals that we must warn that many people who bill themselves as Witches and teachers of Wicca are to be avoided. If someone you meet claims to be a High Priestess or Priest, but sets off your inner alarm bells, proceed with extreme caution -- they may be a Pellar.

No matter where you live, the rising popularity of Witchcraft inevitably brings with it some posers -- "wanna-blessed-bes" who proclaim themselves Witches, but act so contrary to the most basic Craft ethics that they end up personally threatening the very continuance of the Craft in your area. The phenomenon of scoundrels profiting by pretending to be Witches is so old, there's a Traditional Craft name for them -- Pellars
Luckily, you can easily identify Pellars by their actions, as we and other Priestesses and Priests have learned through experience:
Pellars try to make names for themselves by slandering honest Witches. They thrive on sowing Community discord, spreading lies and vicious rumors about other, more experienced covens. They may plagiarize a well-known coven's name (2) or publish stolen teaching materials in an effort to appropriate respectable covens' notoriety for themselves.

Pellars are unscrupulous -- whereas true Witches refuse to charge money for teaching magick (it's a violation of our ethics), Pellars usually charge substantial fees for their classes on divination, spellcraft, etc.
Yet you'll find their teachings to be shallow and unsatisfying, and frequently plagiarized from their own brief exposure to authentic teachers, or popular books.
Pellars can't be trusted. Some of them are thieves, taking what they can from your town before moving on to another. Many are psychologically unstable.

Pellars prey on vulnerable Seekers -- encouraging them to distrust more ethical Elders in their area. They mislead the public about standard Wiccan practices such as ritual nudity, or practicing divination. Such vehemence "against their own" repulses the public -- who thought Witches were supposedly tolerant.
In Wicca, talk is cheap, but deeds are dear. Wise Ones learn to avoid people who claim to be Witches, but expend their precious energy by needlessly, baselessly bashing others. For all their black clothes and boasting about their own magickal prowess, such ilk are nowhere to be found when the rest of us are battling on the front lines to defend our -- and their -- religious freedoms.
Look to the source, for that's how you'll know them. If they say they are a Priest/ess, who initiated them? Into what Tradition? If they say they are a teacher, then who taught them? It bodes most ill if you find out that their own parent coven has reculed (3) them.
Please understand that we alert all in this public medium with natural reluctance. We do so only from a protective stance towards the Craft, and with the desire to warn others about the harm such people leave in their wake. I for one do not consider them to be a Witch or anything concerning our Religion, So Be It.

High Priestess
Lady Udun

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Comment by Spiralle on October 13, 2008 at 11:32am
Hello, and thank you for posting this.

This is classic bully behaviour - read a book on a Goddess or pantheon, declare yourself High Priestess, add some bogus heritage or credentials and slander anyone who really knows what they're talking about.

Unfortunately people of this sort can be extremely charming when they want to be, and because they are so vociferous, people do tend to listen to them. Once they set tiny suspicious minds working, it becomes relatively easy to undermine their competition.
Comment by Nalaya Oddly on October 13, 2008 at 1:42pm
I read an echo on this subject a few years back as I was working with a woman out here to start a group. I found this article a helpful translation to the howling dogs and cats in the neighborhood every time I got on the phone with her ( that unto itself was rather bizarre. . . it's usually so quiet.) Here:s the article I read:

Comment by JackDaw on October 24, 2008 at 10:18am
I’m sure that you mean well, but the writer of this article clearly doesn’t know the real meaning of Pellar or possibly how insulting the article is to those Cornish folk how are proud to be following one of the Pellar traditions.
Comment by Sigfrith on December 17, 2008 at 10:04am
Well stated mylady! Your point is well made and gratefully recieved. I am not a Witch by ancestry, tradition or initiation. I am simply an inquisitive, literate (usually) intelligent man of Pagen beliefs. As such it can be difficult to weed out the more skilled Bulls%!t artists from the Wise Ones.
Greatfully yours,


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