Bitter sweet is realization, Forgotten time

I’m still too young to know the perfect rhyme

Yet old enough to worry of what might be

Scared to death of not knowing what I can’t see.

Toyed with, and loved so sweet, I’ve been

Wrapped around a finger, belonging to him

Freed from bondage, and caged like a bird

Yet here I am, able to write down the words

I’ve much to learn, more is yet to come

Still a few old tunes I have yet to finally hum

I’m too young to worry for all the things said

But I’m too old to lay here in my warm old bed.

Face the day, and breathe in and out

I’m still known to get angry and fucking shout

But, I’m refined to a wisdom still coming along

I can be so right, but I’m known to also be wrong.

With my passions still growing, still changing

Conversations I’ve left are still even dangling.

Toying with ideas of loving someone else

But unwilling to put feelings up on a musky shelf.

Unable to move, yet not tied down at all

Standing firm on the ground, but I seem to still fall.

It’s a rollercoaster of dreams and memories

It’s a game of love, all that you ever gave to me.

I feel so left in the dark, yet in the light

I still cry for him in the dead of the night.

I’ve been in your arms so tender and pure

I’ve been left alone, wishing for a cure.

With all that has come and all that’s past

It’s still your shadow that has been cast

I live in your memory, smile and still cry

It’s my wings I’m given, but can’t yet fly.

Life’s loved me so far, enough to let me see

That so many things are and aren’t meant to be

I just hope and wish I can find what I need

On life’s fruits of happiness, I wish to feed.

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