What if I go one hundred miles,
Just ran for days and more days,
Could I still call to chat for awhile?
Catch my breath in a summer's haze?

And if I should change the way that I look,
Speak in a different fashion for me,
Could we still get lost in a few books?
Sitting under the old oak tree.

If I go losing my keys at night,
And lost my way back home,
Would you still search with all your might?
So I don't have to be so alone.

Should my heart break, and make me cry,
And if I just need a friend,
Will you mend my wings so I can fly?
And lend me that helping hand.

If you should fall, and feel unkind,
And have no where else to go,
I promse to look until I find,
An ending to your misery show.

And if you be lost in thick smoke,
With the world just falling apart,
I'll never let you lay there and choke.
I'll help find you a brand new start.

If you feel the tears build up,
And the darkness is pinning you down,
I'll stand by to ease the rough,
Make a smile out of that frown.

Should you get tired and need my help,
And nothing feels just right,
I'll take away all the pain that you felt,
And help you sleep trough your cold nights

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