I don't spend much time on the internet. I check my email, check my bank balance, read anything new on WitchVox and maybe spend a little time researching something that just popped into my head. I came across this site from a link of an author's own site and so far... it seems to be a nice place to meet people.

As the equinox draws closer, my mind and body are aware of it and have been in full "spring swing". The oppressive feelings of winter are waning; I have more energy and renewed sense of purpose. I will be marking the equinox at a local meditation labyrinth in honor of the awakening Goddess. This is a wonderful space that was actually built by a local church for public use. The labyrinth is about fifty feet across and is there are nice plants on all sides. The beach is a block away, so at night when there is less noise, the sounds of the ocean can be heard as the winding path leads to the center and back again.

This is the time to regain balance.

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