I collect Tarot decks for their beauty, but use my Robin Wood deck for divination. My divination is a causal activity, a few times a year when I feel the need. Yesterday, I had three related questions to ask but did the readings each several hours apart. For each reading, I cast a circle in my temple room when I had a bit of free time so I could do the readings in a relaxed, unhurried manner. These were honestly the best readings I ever got. Each card fell into place within the layout I used and all three readings complimented each other. I am glad I did three separate readings, so the questions were simple and not muddied by complexity. There were surprises, but understandable ones that were logical revelations.

My readings rarely fall into place so well! The immediate past, the present, and the future intertwined and stood out clearly. This is so exciting. And I can't even say why these readings worked so much better than previous ones. The process of these readings actually was as calming and head clearing as a good meditation. I suppose the importance of these particular readings to my life might have something to do with it. These were deep questions, where other readings in the past were on more trivial matters. One surprise was actually how much meaning to me these questions had - which was one of the things the cards revealed. Just the realization that this was dealing with a central area of my being was a satisfying experience.

I do not think I will be reading again for at least a month or two, possibly even for six months. Absorbing, contemplating, and acting on the outcome of these three readings will take some time.

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Comment by Dragonwraith on April 14, 2008 at 11:39am
I am thinking of creating or having created a personal deck of Tarot? got any ideas on this idea? (email me please) and I find tarot readings on the Dark Moon work the best for myself
Anubis Blessings
Comment by Bineshii on April 17, 2008 at 12:26pm
I went to Bragonwraith's page to answer his question, but for anyone else reading this, I will give the link I gave him. It is to a tarot site with hundreds of decks, the decks are described and rated. There are reviews on tarot decks there too, and a list of tarot software. Here is the site: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/. For anyone creating their own deck, it might be useful to see what is already out there.


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