Aye, there we were at northern Vermont,

High atop a mountain one October eve

A lovely maiden and a pauper such as me.

She was so lovely, the finest I'd seen

Eyes that could drown you-Atlantic green!

Skin that was ever so soft and fair,

Cherry flavoured auburn, the colour of her hair!

At the House of Hobbit we sat together

Warmed only by love in the autum weather!

In her eyes I stood with the Atlantic above

my head, as she told me forever she'd love!

She begged I'd believe her love eternal,

My soul it raged like Dante's Inferno!

I promised I'd love her for ever and ever,

She promised that she would leave me never!

Intoxicated were we on whiskey of rye

her black and green striped stockings

and love in her eyes!

With wings and stockings, naked the rest

We made such love

'twas the best!!!

With eyes full of pain and her striped stockings on

She looked right through me and 'poof' she was gone!

And as she departed, she took something of mine,

But left me with memories of love divine!

She left me to stand alone-my heart in her hand...

It 'twas a magickal night in Faerieland!

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Comment by Rob, Rev Stormy Monday on May 20, 2008 at 5:00am
This is a true story my friends. Her name was Marquita Margurite, (translation: Sunflower Marigold). The love of all my lives. She was an angel, a Faery. Bless you MO! I will see you again in The Land of the Young!


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