Today, I got cheated out of a quarter by a book store I do limited business with. I try to limit my business with christians as much as possible but right now I don't know of any pagan run businesses in my area and If I did I'd not be doing any business with the christian base companies at all. But Here's How Some Christian stores get rid of coins they get that are not US currency. THey give it to us it's not constantly done so it looks like a mistake. But here's what I do when it happens to me. I resell these as abundance talismans I add green adventuring to them and add in to the package a small typed card with an abundance spell written on it To activate the talisman. I make $25.00 to $50.oo each! The card is available upon request. Makes a great gift. The sad pat is all the guy who's cheating me get's is a quarter I make tewnty five to fifty bucks! But Cheaters never prosper. THe inventive are the ones who make the money.

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Comment by Dave S. on May 27, 2008 at 4:27pm
Cheaters surely never prosper, you know what I was thinking (Always of odd sorts of thing), was that ironically the coins you are getting that aren't US currency are rapidily if not already worth more than the US currency they think they're cheating you out of.
Comment by Pat Riley on May 28, 2008 at 1:06pm
There I must agree, But try to pass it off on any one else and you'll never be rid of it, It works very well in pendants, Rings and bracelets I make as Talismans, for abundance spells. Probably what make them go up so fast it this particular useage, the energies are boosting the economies of these other countries. I am considering using a very nice wheat penny, and other older us coinage for such a talisman. To see if my luck financially doesn't change as well.


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