I had an interesting dream last night. It was suddenly triggered and I decided I'd quickly write it down on ehre and see what people thought of it.

Someone gave me a tarot deck. I shuffled them and then drew the top card. I did not recognise the card and it had no number on it. It was quite a dark coloured card. There was a robed man, a dark blue robe with dark yellow lining and a red garter. He had short brown hair and was bearded with a moustache. He was standing on a dark grey cliff, stepping forwards, with his robes flying out behind him, towards the right side of the card and the cliff face. His left arm and hand was reached up and outwards towards the heavens which was a darker blue and covered with stars. Looking back into the picture I think he was holding a brown leather book tuck under his right arm and holding it, but that is post dream study. He looked determined yet desperate.

I told the person who gave me the tarot deck that I did not recognise the card and they told me it was a very rare card and what did I think it meant? I studied it for a while and felt myself being sucked into the background heavens and it felt like a doorway to all, everything, the unmanifest. He was point amoungst the all, this magician. I asked if it was a different drawing of The Magician card. They said that this card came before all.

I plan on using this card as a doorway later, but I wanted to put it out here to see what everyone thought.

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