I have come to the conclusion........
Warning: This is a serious blog, and a long blog, an intellectual and philosophical piece. If you're interested, read on. :)

I have come to the conclusion lately that there are only four basic ideas that people base their beliefs and faith upon.

Matriarchial/Patriarchial together

Okay, so obviously the first one is the ability to find in oneself the ability to draw from their own experience, ability, or emotion and have no need for a mythical idea. NOT that all Athiests are non-mythcal by nature, but that true Athiests do not believe in any spiritual entity at all. My mother's father was Athiest; He didn't believe in ghosts, spirits, God or Goddess. He simply believed that anything he saw that was not explanable to his own eyes was, somehow explanable by science or something else and didn't worry about it. He held himself totally responsible for his own action or inaction.

Matriarchial and Patriarchial societies individually developed, from what I can figure out, from two basic beliefs. The matriarchial thought that only women could give life, and the patriarchial only men. Here's the thinking behind it:

A man has a penis that is, obviously, inserted into the woman and enhanced not only physical, but spirital health. Once they figured out the nine month association, their scientific observations of the day caused the to believe that the man, not the woman (as previously believed) was the true creator of all life. Up until as recently as the 1800's, many people believed that men carried around small people in their scrotums and gave that little tiny person to the woman to grow it. The explanation of it looking like her? He was thinking about her a lot, he 'favors' her. I wonder how many children came out looking like their mothers, whose fathers didn't care for the mother and he felt like he'd been taken advantage of, unfairly tempted, or bewitched?

Matriarchial point of view is pretty obvious......the women give birth. Obviously, before the association of that nine months, women were considered the only bringers of life.

The last is a belief in both. Some people......I think the oldest peoples, smart people, looked around them and had an epiphany. Everything's a circle, a cycle. And I think they discovered a truth way back then that truly caused a mitochondrial DNA change that allows us to be the generally religious, faithful people we are as a human population. I think they figured out that "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." I believe that they were WAY smarter than even some scientists give them credit for. But I believe that they were, 10K years ago, just as smart, resourceful, interesting, and loving as we are.

Oh.........and just as violent.

The Patriarchial societies had two things going for them to wipe out the matriarchial ones. Obviously, strength is one of them. Sheer, physical strength, coupled with their science. Their science seemed sound and logical, and if you're going to invade a society you should make sure that at least half of them are on your side. You telling me that a bunch of men gathered together discussing this aren't going to spread the word and "take down" matriarchial societies, where they could simply be divorced by the woman putting his things outside the door? In the famous words of Robin Williams, men have two main trains of thought; "Fuck it or kill it." What if, in some of those Matriarchial societies, women had held all of the high offices, were dominating and rude, and didn't allow men freedoms? A men's lib movement? I don't blame them. Not too far-fetched to me, considering I've lived in the US for 32 years and I've seen all sorts of people who are minorities in society stand up for themselves........homosexuals, women, homeschoolers, interracial, ethic minorities, etc. I don't think that the Aryan invasions, in the minds of the people doing the invading, were anything more than a standing up for their beliefs and needs as a group.

Obviously, there's a pattern here. For one, I could point out the obvious............you suppress people, they get their way, they suppress you. I cannot tell you how often I hear out of people the lament that "White is a minority now. Heck, I can walk in downtown (Houston, LA, New York) and barely see any Whites, and everything's in their language now....the (Mexicans/homosexuals) have all the rights now......."

I shouldn't be hearing this. I mean, c'mon people! We're an extremely diverse, interesting, basically faithful society here on Earth. I have to admit, I think there may be some merit in the theory I've heard that the reason why others on other planets haven't contacted us is because we haven't learned to accept each other yet. Makes sense to me. I wouldn't want to contact us, either.........for fear of War, if nothing else!

Now........this is NOT to say that we should not, as a world, stand up for certain wrongs to be righted. For instance, we know that little girls will experience a severely detrimental puberty and sex life as an adult if she had to undergo Female Genital Mutilation. We need to make that stop. Generally, most practices are fine. But ANY practice that harms children or others who cannot make an informed decision or against other's will is not okay. Why did I make that qualification? Because frankly, adults who have the power of thought can choose to educate (or not!) themselves about things they want to do.......everything from shoe fetishes to classic car collections to S&M is fine with me, as long as it does not hurt another person AGAINST THEIR WILL. I, personally, am a wimp. I don't wanna be whipped for sexual pleasure. But you know what? I'm damn sure not gonna barge into the room of someone who does, and make them stop. Reminds me of a law that's still on the books in one of the southern states.....Anal and/or oral sex is illegal. How do they enforce that one? LOL........and besides, who cares? If you're willing to take pain for sexual pleasure, that's YOUR business, not mine. Now, if your stupid ass doesn't have health insurance and you take it too far (like those two guys in California and their gerbil) then okay, I'm a bit peeved. Do I REALLY need to pay my tax dollars so you can undo something you did that was really stupid? I don't care whether it's in the bedroom or not....but people do stupid things, too. Eh.....Okay, I'll pay for it BUT I know nurses and I get stories! LOL

Anyway, I have solidified it in my mind those four basics I discussed earlier. I have consciously chosen to be Pagan, and to call myself a Witch. I have done so based on my research and my own personal experiences. I did NOT do so because I was raised a Christian, or because my mom or dad forbid me to read occult material. I read because I wanted an education. I was called a Christian simply because I went to a Christian church with my family, and I believed that I was a Christian at the time. And that's good! Every child needs something to believe in, and it's YOUR choice to make it so that it's safe. Not just for their physical person, but for their even more important spirits. A child can lose a leg or go through cancer with spirit in tact, but if their spirits are broken through neglect or abuse then I think that if you're the neglectful one or the abuser then it will come back to you. I would have to admit that I'd hate to face old age and inability to care for myself and have four children who despised me. That would NOT make for good care of me, and I'd have been the ones showing them that because I hadn't taken good care of them so many years before. Seems to me that much of the time, Kharma is predictable. Hence the Wiccan Rede, the Ten Commandments, and other "rules to live by." If Kharma wasn't predictable, there would be no need.

Okay, I think my little blog here has come to an end. Generally, I prefer to create these types of blogs (serious philosophical ones) in an essay format, but today (thanks to a hangover....ICK rum! Bad rum!) I decided to just let my fingers do the talking. Please, your comments would be welcome.


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