From my Book 'The Legend of Sharlaboomba-and other tales told to us by the Fine Fair Folk' by Stormy Monday and Catterina

Ah, she was a beauty
a lovely thing,
She'd make the sun shine
and all the birds sing!
Out by the lake,
Tween the fern brake,
With her mother and brother
lived Toodle Ling.

Buttercup hair, skin so fair,
Eyes that were bluer than spring!
Rosey red cheeks, sweet little nose.
Gentle as butterfly wings!
Dancing with fireflies
Toodle Ling.

In the year of their Lord, 1605;
on a beautiful Autumn een,
Mother called out, "Come here my dear,
to grandmothers house you must bring
a basket of Rowan berries for she will make jam,
So dont you dawdle
Toodle Ling!"

Brother met Toodle in the path by the forest,
"Aren't you scared, tonight the veils thin
it's all Hallows eve and the hauntings begin!!"
"I ain't scared of a single thing!"
and into the forest went
Toodle Ling

The path it grew darker, the air it smelled foul!
and off in the distance a werewolf did howl!
A grove of witches by a balefire were praying.
It was all Hallows eve, as her brother was saying!
The wanning moon, it was barely a sliver,
the darkness alone would make grown men quiver!!
In the blink of an owls eye and the flap of his wing!
Never to be seen again
Toodle Ling!

In the morn the villagers gathered round
her basket of berries-spilt on the ground.
And up through the middle,
a young Rowan tree
"It twerent there yestiday
how can this be?"
And all stood and wondered "It's the strangest thing-
Whatever happened to
Toodle Ling???"

Some say she became part of
the witches brew.
Some, the main ingredient of a werewolf's stew!!!
I say she stepped through the veil
and found out,
Once you cross over- you never get out!!
But each Hallows eve, if you hear
the wind sing...
You'll know she's nearby!
Toodle Ling!!!

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