The Sacred Herbs of the Gods

Adonis: myrrh, corn, rose, fennel, and lettus, white heather

Aescalapius: bay, mustard

Ajax: delphinium

Anu: tamarisk

Apollo: leek, hyacinth, heliotrope, corneal, bay, frankincense, date
palm, cypress

Attis: pine, almond

Ares: buttercup

Bacchus: grape, ivy, fig, beech, and tamarisk

Baldur: St. John's wort, daisy

Bran: alder, all grains

Cupid: cypress, sugar, and white violet, red rose

Dagda: oak

Dianus: fig

Dionysus: figs, apple, ivy, grape, pine, corn, pomegranate,
toadstools, mushrooms, fennel, all wild and cultivated trees

Dis: cypress

Ea: cedar

Eros: red rose

Gwydion: ash

Helios: oak

Horus: horehound, lotus, and persea

Hypnos: poppy

Jove: pine, cassia, houseleek, carnation, cypress

Jupiter: aloe, agronomy, sage, oak, mullein, acorn, beech, cypress,
houseleek, date palm, violet, gorse, ox-eye daisy, vervain

Kernunnos: heliotrope, bay, sunflower, and oak, orange

Kanaloa: banana

Mars: ash, aloe, dogwood, buttercup, witch grass, and vervain

Mercury: cinnamon, mulberry, and hazel, willow

Mithras: cypress, violet

Neptune: ash, bladderwack, and all seaweed's

Odin: mistletoe, elm, yew, and oak

Osiris: acacia, grape, ivy, tamarisk, cedar, and clover, date palm,
all grains

Pan: fig, pine, reed, oak, fern, and all meadow flowers

Pluto: cypress, mint, and pomegranate

Poseidon: pine, ash, fig, bladderwack, and all seaweed's

Prometheus: fennel

Ra: acacia, frankincense, and myrrh, olive

Saturn: fig, blackberry

Sylvanus: pine

Tammuz: wheat, pomegranate, and all grains

Thoth: almond

Thor: thistle, houseleek, vervain, hazel, ash, birch, rowen, oak,
pomegranate, burdock, beech

Uranus: ash

Woden: ash

Zeus: oak, olive, pine, aloe, parsley, sage, wheat, fig
APHRODITE: olive, cinnamon, daisy, cypress, quince, orris (iris),
apple, myrtle

ARADIA: rue, vervain

ARTEMIS: silver fir, amaranth, cypress, cedar, hazel, myrtle, willow,
daisy, mugwort, date palm.

ASTARTE: alder, pine, cypress, myrtle, juniper

ATHENA: olive, apple

BAST: catnip, vervain

BELLONA: belladonna

BRIGIT: blackberry


CARDEA: hawthorn, bean, arbutus

CERES: willow, wheat, bay, pomegranate, poppy, leek, narcissus

CYBELE: oak, myrrh, pine

DEMETER: wheat, barley, pennyroyal, myrrh, rose, pomegranate, bean,
poppy, all cultivated crops.

DIANA: birch, willow, acacia, wormwood, dittany, hazel, beech, fir,
apple, mugwort, plane, mul-berry, rue


FREYA: cowslip, daisy, primrose, maidenhair, myrrh, strawberry, mistletoe

HATHOR: myrtle, sycamore, grape, mandrake, coriander, rose

HECATE: willow, henbane, aconite, yew, mandrake, cyclamen, mint,
cypress, date palm, sesame, dandelion, garlic, oak, onion.

HEKAT: cypress

HERA: apple, willow, orris, pomegranate, myrrh

HINA: bamboo

HULDA: flax, rose, hellebore, elder

IRENE: olive

IRIS: wormwood, iris

ISHTAR: acacia, juniper, all grains

ISIS: fig, heather, wheat, wormwood, barley, myrrh, rose, palm, lotus,
persea, onion, iris, vervain

JUNO: lily, crocus, ashpodel, quince, pomegranate, vervain, iris,
lettuce, fig, mint

KERRIDWEN: vervain, acorns

MINERVA: olive, mulberry, thistle

NEFER-TUM: lotus

NEPTHYS: myrrh, lily

NUIT: sycamore

OLWEN: apple

PERSEPHONE: parsley, narcissus, willow, pomegranate

RHEA: myrrh, oak

ROWAN: clover, rowan

VENUS: cinnamon, daisy, elder, heather, anemone, apple, poppy, violet,
marjorem, maidenhair fern, carnation, aster, vervain, myrtle, orchid,
cedar, lily, mistletoe, pine, quince

VESTA: oak
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Comment by Spiralle on June 1, 2008 at 2:07am
Thank you for posting this list - it was most informative.



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