Sooooooooo. The day finally arrived. 31 May 2008. I was going to go see WENDY RULE!!! I got up, bathed, applied makeup, ironed clothes, cleaned the Birds . . . then, finally, left for New Haven, of which I would be catching Metro-North -- the Train to New York City . . . I grabbed a cuppa coffee . . . and was on my way . . . It was a nice drive . . . I managed to outrun the storms . . .

I got to New Haven, found the Train station ((I had printed out directions, but I realized I didn't have them once I was looking for my exit. Fortunately, I had attempted to write them before they printed, so I still remembered part of them!!!)).

I get to Union Station, purchase my round-trip ticket for Grand Central Station . . . board and wait to begin my journey. I try to be careful not to sit backwards on the train, but I did, so rather than watch the scenery in a way that would make me nauseous, I decided to read. I like the series I'm reading now, anyway.

So I arrive at Grand Central Station . . . the place is just HUGE, which I recalled from the two other times I had been there . . . and I am trying like all hell to figure out which train/subway/shuttle to take to get to Greenwich Village . . . I ask -- the New Yorkers are amazingly friendly and helpful about directions. Unfortunately, I reckon I'm a total greenhorn, 'cuz I got on the wrong train, not once, but twice. Well, not the wrong train. Right train, WRONG direction. Which meant I wasted my boarding pass by having to turn around and go back. Twice. At least the subway isn't wicked expensive. Not for a couple of trips in a single day. But they were wasted tickets none the less.

Finally . . . I arrived in Greenwich Village. Now another tough decision . . . which way do I need to go to get to Caffe Vivaldi??? I looked to the left. I looked to the right. I looked straight ahead. Hmmmmm. I had no clue. Streets seemed to be running in all directions . . . parallel here, add a Y there . . . Crikey!!! I was getting terribly nervous . . . since my subway mishap had me thinking I'd be truly late . . .

So I took off walking. I went to the right, then crossed a strangely angled street. In a few minutes' time . . . straight up ahead . . . lo-and-behold . . . was Jones Street. Now, I knew if I got on that, that one way or the other would lead me right to Wendy's venue . . . and as soon as I got to the street, turned the corner . . . there was my destination . . . right there . . . as if a neon lighted arrow should be pointing to it and flashing . . . ((The Goddess watches out for fools, LOL)).

I walked up to the door, which was open. I walked inside. The ((really cute)) waitress said they weren't having people to come in just yet, but she asked me my name. I wasn't on the reservation-list, so I explained that I had called the venue 5+ times and nobody ever returned my call to confirm my reservation. Since it was just me, she said it wouldn't make that much of a difference, and I waited outside and took my seat when they allowed entry.

Since it turned out that I was early . . . I continued to read my book. Actually, I managed to finish it and begin on the next one . . . in the meanwhile, Wendy arrived. She came in, sat down her guitar . . . and began to greet people. She came over to me, and adressed me by name, said hello, waited for me to stand up, and she gave me a great big ((sweet)) hug . . . .

Now, I am not implying that she has no memory, but . . . I was pretty astonished that she sees and meets soooooooooooo many fans every day, all over the world, and in all of that, she remembered my name. That was a really HUGE honour!!!!!!

Her concert was fabulous. I loved it -- every minute!!! I hated to see the evening come to an end. She had told me after she packed up her equipment, she would come and sit with me and visit for a bit before we leave, but the next entertainer was arriving at the venue, so she wasn't able to do that . . . BUT!!! She is making TWO tours this year, so she promised me she'd spend more time with me when she sees me this fall.

I just love Wendy to bits. I wish I could be around her more often. I said quietly to her that she is the fantasy of many . . . which I whole-hearted believe is true. She is a total package: She is Pagan. Beautiful. Friendly. Talented. Amazing. Who wouldn't fall for her???

So the evening came to a close . . . I got back to the train station, caught my subway train to Times Square, got onto a shuttle-train back to Grand Central Station, then boarded my train and awaited the ride back . . . all with beautiful memories of Wendy . . . I sure wish I could've just maybe had a little kiss . . . but dreaming is lovely too . . . I sooooo love her!!! What a fantastic woman!!! What a great evening!!!

Sweet Blessings,

Wynter Ravyn/Angie . . .

((Note: I am NOT Ms. Cabot, I am Wynter Ravyn. I just like to include her quote in my Signature because I find her AMAZING!!!))

"Let the majick begin!" -- Laurie Cabot

An' ye harm none, do what ye will. So Mote it be.

)O( Blessed Be!!! )O( *Wynter Ravyn* )O(
-:¦:-..· ..¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·.. .·..¨¨))
-:¦:- *Angie* -:¦:-..

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