What happens if I fall too hard? Into you’re deep star eyes?
Littered with diamond shards, And as vast as midnight skies.
Am I lost forever there? In eyes that move the moon?
Lost within arms that care, Let the morning leave so soon.

And if I seem so bold to say, “I love you for what it’s worth”
Can that make you want to stay? I’ll take away the hurt…
So if I kiss your lips today, Can I kiss them again tonight?
Let the kids keep to their play, And let the others fight.

Why is it now, I’m yet again, Finishing your thoughts?
Watching flowers twist and bend, Imagination’s caught.
I’m lost in the blaring beat, Your heart plays on and on
Walking down the longest street, With pain forever gone.

It’s not just my whiskey now, There’s something sweet right here.
I can’t believe it’s here somehow, And how it was always near.
So love can be sweet I guess, This is the first time in a while.
Found the better of the best, A man, and not a foolish child.

So now I ask and only once, Something deep and hard,
For he, the man that hunts, With eyes of diamond shards.
Don’t let me fall is all I ask. And I ask nothing but one thing,
I know just this one task, Is what keeps it from being a fling.

And it happens just this way, And I mean this dearly true
Pushing through the matter gray, And waiting to catch you…
Is what I’m doing for you now, My promise is good forever.
Or when ever and whatever how, You want to call endeavor.

to Chris, you made my life so much better.

With love - Kat

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