Forgetful, fleeting dreams like shadows from the past
A faceless crowd and a play without a cast
Lost in hazy eyes with a soul in winter slumber,
Noisy rooms with parties that Drink in sleepless slumber

Candles lit without a flame, nor a memory of one
Countless lost throughts that come to have no sum
Music without a melody drumbed out broken hands
A blind man with working eyes, a poor man with a stand

And band together now? While babes in craddles sleep?
Lead the heard of tired and the unwanted sheep?
Crawl on hand and knee to find what has been found?
Through empty caverns and books left still unbound.

Catch a kiss while birds call out their mournful song
And leaders with their nations who can't tell right from wrong
Sister's in the sailing ship strumming on her harp
Her baby cries and wails within her womb so dark.

And to the earth, forever bound in heavy unused bones
In graves unmarked and drifted, a sickly felt alone.
Ragged rich men upon the streets of life
Reasons have all slipped away, left stabbed with jagged knives

To whom will our great nation finally and freely fall?
And to whom will our deaf leader answer our bloody call?
Shakespearean love and maksk that still shine with gold
Yet written word of sonnets old are dead beneath the mold.

Lovers sleep in empty beds and talk to faceless floors
Death's sweet rapture still tapping on fallen doors
Silence reigns in tyranny, over seas of people walking
Only faceless father time can do the midnight talking

Times and photographs of dignity now lost
At what point did I say I knew and felt the cost?
Cancerous and spredding fast, a child cannot read
Anger and gluttunous pigs still trying to freely feed.

And to whom should power go to? the innocent and pure
Leaving sickly childred to die without a cure?
Bars left smoky from unlit, unused cigarettes
Leaving mothers hopeless with eyes that mirror fret.

Keep on the age my dieing and faithful pen
Messages kept locked away in dreaming heartless heads
By morning light and owl call the words forever gone
Only to appear again in angry singers' songs,

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