A mind that swims is a place to be
Where the imagination is always runnin free
With all that space to fill up with thoughts
And yet here I am again all fucking caught up

Within your image I find myself unable to forget
And yet despite my attitude there still holds no regrets
My mind races with longings of cigarettes and smoke
I love the feelings of the audiences chokes

For here I tip my glass again all full of booze
Its here and now that I feel I begin to choose
The lifestyle I was born to live and die
And fuck the writings that I made, i've always been high

And in that morning cigarette a truth escapes my lips
My words and mind are jumbled with those hands upon my hips
For all the love thats out there theres only one to feel
Only one that out there thats fucked up enough to heal

So burn my heart again jim beam with memories to fill
I'm here within the clouded mind and yet I feel the still
Of night rushing in and the passions still not fully gone
Why is it that yet so gone, I feel theres nothing wrong?

Melody of passing dreams and filled with starry skies
Theres nothing for us baby but to take to wind and fly
With high hopes for chaos and a town to paint blood red
Why the fuck can't cant I get you out of my fucking head?

Still i'm here so fucking drunk, falling out of my chair
So go ahead and society why don't you point the finger and stare
Because I'm to blame for drug abuse and addictions that run deep
Still inside that mindless head, some knowledge seems to seep

I feel the weight of nothing being lifted on my chest
But there he lays asleep on my tender naked breast
After long and hard in thinking I have come to know just this
That with my baby here with me I can still feel total bliss

Fuck the world, and fuck the laws that take out all the fun
Why the fuck should I have to be on this constant fucking run?
I'm lost in eyes so gentle blue but my soul ain't gone too far
So lets get drunk and lets forget the lonely smoke filled bar

I wanna lay my head down, but never again will I cry
And for all my reasons to hate the world here I am to try
my hand at life to feel the pain as others have before
Lifes not that difficult so don't make it a fucking chore

So smoke my cigarette down with me and let the air be fresh
Its not everyday I can brag I got the best fucking catch
Don't break my heart and I won't fucking break yours
But hey, if it comes to that you know how to use a door

My head is swimming, deep waters rising, with lots of empty thoughts
I thought that I could be the one to make you're skin go hot
But hey my life has turned around with people that I love
So fuck your bullshit, hope you're broken like the wings of that dove

Fuck you're mindless endless games, i got myself a new one
I think tonight we'll get drunk as skunks and have just a little fun
So to the one I now belong, this poem is just for your mother fucking self
Lets not live life like the old shits and just stare out from empty shelves.

I wanna paint this town red, as red as fresh drawn blood
I wanna get my knees a little dirty pulling everyone out of the mud
I wanna get my clothes lost, on your god damn bedroom floor
So forget the morning in its glory and with its all its chores

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