So if you wanna find yourself in memories of the past
You're gonna find its hard to find that perfect little cast
That people run away some times and dreams will not come true
But hey now baby, don't be sad, theres no reason for the blues

Come on sweet little devil of mine, I've yet to feel that fire
Lets see how far you can lead me into that pit of fucking disire
I wanna feel myself be free from bondage of the soul
I don't wanna handle life while shoveling that coal

I can't say that I've heard before you're tale of darkness deep
But then again I guess I never thought light could creep
in life like ours because baby we fell so fucking hard from grace
I guess that was just another slap to societies perfected face

Oppose all who conquer you, or at least try that poker game
Its not like they can really say they have the claim to fame
Baby don't be beating up on yourself it ain't your style now
Stop fucking frowning at me that way, unfurl that tainted brow.

I got a call from mamma that day, and to hear her sob for me
Made me laugh and remember how good it is to be free
There ain't no one holding back now baby so whyats got into you?
Come on sweetheart stop playing games, I wanna see you be true.

Lets see how messed up we can really get, and still prove our worth
Because apparently when we were born it was the most unholy births
But hey its cool, i got no fight, I'm good with rebeling with what I got
Baby don't stare at the facts right now, and pour me another shot

I got a gun in the back of the car, I say we think up a plan
Maybe its to shoot someone, or maybe to take down the man
that held us back up in the rules of thoughts, who said laws were for the brain?
Who fucking said that I was to be, the girl caught up in the main?

Love is still our only shot, but hate will bring meat to the table
Funny how our only relation, is the one thing that is fucking stable
Steal the bottle, I'll steal your soul. I got no fight with you
I guess in the fucking end, theres ain't no one who paid their due

headaches are fine to deal with for only so goddamn long
I'm a fighter I will admit. but theres no way I am ever that strong
So grab my hand and pull me down, heaven aint so great
I don't think that I was made to really follow the human fate.

Kiss my lips, and show me the best time you ever can
Because there ain't no one... no fucking woman nor man
That will be there in the end for me, should the world ever fail to fall
I guess baby that we hope, that in that day, we get the fucking call.

God called in sick.

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