Passing out on the floor in your room
In the shadows, a sweeter softness looms
I can feel those arms, but can't feel a thing
Too tired to care, so let the phone fucking ring.

I can't hear that past face any more
Even if he's pounding on the goddamn door.
Don't get up baby, he can't even get in
Just come lay with me, and just let him think he wins

I don't want to leave your warm embrace
Staring back into that perfect face.
No, don't leave, why should we make good of our time?
It's not like we're wasting our precious nickels and dimes

I can't hear him anymore, But I know he's screaming
But some how in translation, the words lost meaning
No baby, just stay with me in your bed so warm
Outside the window, there's still that thunder storm

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Comment by Lobita on June 22, 2008 at 9:06pm
Good imagery.


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