Locavore? Is it just a new name for Slow Food?


Don't even know if anyone reads my blogs, but if you do and can answer this question I would love to hear from you.

Locavore is a new phrase I've recently started hearing everywhere and just wondering if its just a new term for an old one, being slow food. There is a whole world of people dedicated to slow food, which is eating locally where possible, enjoying the food and ensuring its as fresh and chemically free as possible.

Sounds a bit like a Locavore, right?

So, if anyone can tell me the difference between the two, and to answer a few Locavore questions, I would simply LOVE to hear from you. :)

Mainly - what is acceptable as Locavore food? Can it only be raw ingredients grown locally or can it also include items that are made locally from local and "imported" raw ingredients?

Truth be, I want to know as I can't live without chocolate! :D That and there are a few herbs and spices I simply can't cook without (down to pepper, cloves, cinnamon and paprika) and if I have to start skipping those in my cooking I am NOT becoming a Locavore! ;P

Right now I'd say I use about 60% local produce to mix and make with "imported" stuff, even if its simply imported from another part of Aus.

All in all, slow food/ locavore - sounds like a wonderful path to follow.

BB - Banksia.

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Comment by Keegan on August 25, 2008 at 10:50pm
MM Banksia,

Well, I often wonder if people read blogs. But I recently joined the Kitchen Witch group and in the last hour I have responded to several of the discussions... including yours on locavore. I felt compelled to look you up on here and say hello. Your comments and discussions has sparked a flame in my spirit. I truly hope that our paths will cross more. Thank you for all your insightful and interesting comments.

Comment by Jennifer Jumper on September 17, 2010 at 4:00pm
Thanks for the interesting post - I've heard of the idea, but didn't know there was a word for it. Found this definition by Molly Watson on Ask.com - she even addresses the chocolate issue! ;)

Definition: Someone who exclusively (or at least primarily) eats foods from their local or regional foodshed or a determined radius from their home (commonly either 100 or 250 miles, depending on location). By eating locally, most locavores hope to create a greater connection between themselves and their food sources, resist industrialized and processed foods, and support their local economy. The majority of locavores do not give themselves a strict radius from which to eat, but instead buy as much of their food as they can from farmers, growers, and sellers with whom they have a relationship or whose growing or producing practices appeal they want to support.
Many locavores give themselves several exceptions to their local diet. Commonly excluded items include coffee, chocolate, salt, and/or spices - although locavores tend to try and find local coffee roasters, chocolate producers, and spice importers when they can.

Oh, yeah - almost forgot. Apparently the term was coined in 2005 by a chef/writer named Jessica Prentice. A quote from her seems very apt for PaganSpace: "Once upon a time, all human beings were locavores, and everything we ate was a gift of the Earth. To have something the devour is a blessing - let's not forget it."
Comment by Jennifer Jumper on September 17, 2010 at 4:02pm
Ach! I didn't proof before posting - it is "something TO devour..."
Comment by BanksiaFaerie on September 17, 2010 at 7:12pm
Thanks for this additional information Jennifer! I always love learning more. And yes, the local farms and farmers markets are my favourite places to be. I am just lucky to live in a renowned food bowl area. :)

And a double thank you for that quote as its VERY apt to our Pagan sides and makes me feel even surer I'm doing the right thing. ;)

BB - Banksia.


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