Okay No ! I did not have abided in anytihng. Just weird questions u always wanted to know but were afraid to ask? Has anybody ever asked these Questions.

1. Why do the Dieites need for us to give them offerngs? Why can't we just say thank you if there all knowing all seeing? Then how come we need to, give them offerings? Why do They eat nectar or abrosia? some do some don't, why do they? Why would a dietiy Need for us to offer up food? Can't they make this there own self? Why can't we just say thank you?
Why do dieites if they feel pain do they take medicine for it? Do they conjured up Tylenol? Did Hera have an epidural? when she gave birth? Why do they need to feel pain? If they don't feel pain why do they need to feel pleasure?

If there Immortal why do they feel the need to procreate ? If Zeus has a bunch of kids how come Hera did not attemt to give Zeus a vasetomy? Why did he not use protection?
Why did Hera not move on or try to cheat on her husband? Woud'nt that be better revenge or drag gim to a counselng session? Why did she not try to move on and find someone else better? Or make one herself?

Yes I know these our modern inventions but can't they time travel they our deities?

Why did the smith god of the Ford not go and get plastic surgery? Or Conjured up a better face?

Okay ?

Well yes I use to drive other relgious leaders nuts as well......

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Comment by Chris Wensil on August 1, 2008 at 10:02pm
To answer your question with a question...
When you go to a store, do you get your items for free, just because you are? Not in this lifetime. It goes to the old idea that everything has a value and you should be willing to give up something of value for something of value.

In other words, "NOTHING IS FREE!"

In the Celtic Pantheon of deities, yes, they feel pain, and the use Medicines for it. However, the medicines they use are natural herbs. Why do they feel pain? Better ask yourself why do you feel pain? You see, in this particular pantheon, the deities take human or animal form, so they need to be able to feel pain, plus, in my humble opinion, if I cannot feel the same pain that you would feel, how can I empathize and attempt to help? So..., to be closer to those they may hold sway over, they would want to make themselves feel the same to experience "the human condition".

The Celtic deities did not feel the need to procreate. However, they did like to... well , pardon the language... fight and F***. Procreation was just a side effect. And when you are referring to the Greek pantheon. The Greek gods did not reproduce according to our understanding of it. Two Greek gods could not produce another Greek god. The reproduction that Zeus was accused of constantly was with HUMAN women. And Hera was mightily pissed about all the bastard children he sired, which is why they were at such odds constantly. Even to the point of outright war on several occasions. The greek gods were petty and used humans as nothing more than playthings. Hence the whole problem with the person popularized as Hercules. More appropriately HERACLES(son of Hera) though he was born by a human woman and fathered by Zeus. Since Hera was unable to produce a child and always wanted one, Zeus decided to give her a child of his own making, he just didn't tell her the whole story. She found out and it set off a war. Not like she didn't know about his forays with human women previously. ANd Hera was a female who only aspired for the BEST possible mate. Who is better than the king of the Gods? Anywho, enough about that.

Who says they cannot time travel. Time is irrelevant to a deity. They exist at once in the past, present, and future. So who says they can't? More importantly to this question is the subject of OMNIPOTENCE. Can they truly be ALL places at once. In the Celtic paths, as well as Native American, you have deities that are PLACE SPECIFIC! This is not to say they cannot be summoned elsewhere, just their usual abode is in one specific location. Much as the place you call home. Clarified?

Smith god of the Ford... hmmmm, not really familiar with this connotation, but, if you meant the Smith God of the Forge, and why would he not conjure himself a better face, simple, he is humble, it is not about how he looks, but about his ART. His art is the face he shows to the world. Much the same as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafael, and other great painters. Thier art was the face they showed the world, not their own. Their face became famous very late in their life or after they were dead. Much the same with the items I make for sale to the public. It is not my face I am selling (who would want this ugly mug anyway), it is my art. It is part of me that you will see and touch for a very long time to come. He saw no need to conjure up a new face, it was his art that was important to him, not his looks.

I am not a religious leader, and you cannot drive me nuts. It is only a short walk for me!!!!!!!!!!


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