a lesson from Walking Eagle thought of the week 12-18-9 part 1

.A lesson from Walking Eagle Part 1

Walking Eagle was outside speaking to some younger warriors from his tribe when the medicine man from the tribe summend him to the circle of elders. In the begaining of summer on the western slopes of the northern Rockies in Montana. Walking Eagle was of the age to go search for the trible Sacred Stone as all young warriors must perform the cerimonie and quest at 17 springs of age.

Walking Eagle went to the circle of elders and stood on the outside until he was asked to come forward not saying nothing until asked. after a few moments he was aske to stand in the middle of the circle and to be questioned by the elders to see if he was ready to begain his quest of the sacred trible stone.
One elder named Standing Oak asked th efirst question. Who are you? he awnsered i am of the people my name is Walking Eagle my father is True Arrow. This was accepted. The next Question was asked from another whos name was Grey Horse. Why are you here? Walking Eagle said I am here to be apart of the people to do what is right in the eyes of my elders. I am to give up being a child and to walk as a warrior among my people. The Chief asked what do you seek from finding the sacred stone ? I seek to be counted as a human being in the eyes of my people to be as one with our Mother the earth. This pleased the Elders and the chief

After sitting in the sweat lodge and seeking a vision.Walking Eagle was given a bowl form his mother a knife from his father and a length of rope from his tribe.He started his journey to seek the Sacred Stone.

the thought is this
At some point we need to put away our child like thinking and step forward to be held accountable fo rwhat we will become (adults) We should be truthful if asked by our elders or those who are wise or show wisdom.
At some time we should take time to think about what lays befor us on our path. Our mother and our father has given us at least one thing we can use in our journey. Our family/community ties gives us somthing we can use in life to be apart of something bigger.
walk where wisdom is and you will become wise
The story of Walking Eagle

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