Guys, a quick note to you all. I tried to message you, but wasn’t able to transmit. Apparently I’m only allowed to message one hundred of you at a time! There is a note also on my page, but this is for any who may have missed that. Anyway, I only come online to respond to a personal attack made against me by the site administrator on the UFO thread. Here is the exchange in question;

Anastasia - as for this topic being a crushing bore, have you read some of "your" tiresome banter lately??

Agree or Disagree with the topic, there was no need for you to be RUDE.

Nyx DarkSky

My Response

I’m off to a late night party, so I can’t stay and contribute any more ‘tiresome banter’ for the present. I must say, Nyx, you have an odd definition of rudeness. I do find von Däniken’s whole thesis a crashing bore, an opinion surely that I am entitled to. There is no rudeness in this whatsoever. Your remark, on the other hand, was petty, personal and mean-spirited, directed at me specifically.

I’m not blind; I can see that things have been going on here, directed at me. You have the power to remove me altogether from this site, and thus be free of my ‘tiresome’ contributions. I know there are some here who would welcome such action on your part. And with that I bid you a very good night. :))

There you have it. It's possible that I might be barred, and I know that there is a 'coven' who would welcome this. I'm not being paranoid, honestly; sometimes they really are out to get you!! Anyway, if I am barred, I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure getting to know you all. You are all precious to me in your individual ways. Lots of love, Anastasia :)

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Comment by Amadeus Rainwalker on March 14, 2009 at 9:27pm
But if you go away, and I get to the U.K. how am I able to meet you to buy you a cup of tea or a pint or two? ; )
Seriously, I doubt you'll get barred....But even though I do not write you often, nor comment on what you write, I DO notice and read your thoughts...It's something I need to work on...overcoming my "shyness" about starting a conversation.
But please, don't close your profile......I doubt you'll get barred. You haven't done anything to warrant that would be different if you threatened, made racial slurs all the time, etc. But writing your words and thoughts....No, you're entitled to do so. If they don't want to read it, people can just click "Back" or "Main".
Luv ya, my little sister
Comment by Anastasia Fitzgerald on March 14, 2009 at 10:20pm
Oh, judging by the above outpourings, I clearly am worth some time and effort! I can assure you, Nyx, I do not want to get anywhere near your ‘train of thought’; my inference was drawn on the basis of your words, and your words alone; but you have, albeit inadvertently, given me a somewhat deeper insight. :))

Anyway, let me say once again, in plain English, that my initial remarks were in no way directed at Hieros or any other individual. In even plainer English the view I was attacking, I’m not even sure if that is the right word, was that of Erich von Däniken, who presents a thesis that assumes all human ingenuity, the great advances of the species in technology, architecture and design, somehow had to be imported by an alien race, all on the basis, I might add, of the most fanciful forms of speculation. As long as I am here I reserve the absolute right to criticise bogus and shallow thinking, and it really makes no difference to me if you, or anyone else, misread my remarks and misunderstand my intentions.

Enough of that; at least some other people understood just what weighting my words carried. But “you” (I’m just borrowing your eccentric use of italics!) saw fit to dismiss my writing and, by implication, dismiss me as ‘tiresome’. Your meaning and your intent was all too clear, in plain English or not, but I will risk repeating myself. Remarks of that kind are petty, personal and mean-spirited.

I would be most grateful, Nyx, if “you” wasted no more time on me; I certainly intend to have nothing more to do with “you”.

Amadeus and Wiccan, my thanks. I'm off to bed now Byeeee
Comment by Johnny Silly Guy on March 20, 2009 at 4:20am
Ana girly are you sure that you and my buddy Moonlight (Moony) are not buddies? Well Moony has been Banned from 6 sites & I have been Banned from 4 sites, since we were expressing our opinions like you. Over on the Ashtar Command site I am knowned as the Ashtar Command Village Fool! Haa ha ha haaa! You know I have your back & your Support Ana girly! {8-D)
Comment by Nippur Retreat on March 26, 2009 at 7:16am
Hmmm, not sure what has happened here, but, we invited Ana here and I have always found her to be scintillating and witty with an awful lot of youthful vigor that sadly is often lost as we age. I have not read the original post, but, just on the above I wholeheartedly agree with her about Von Daniken. He is a fool and an idiot. I would add Zecharia Sitchen to the list as being fanciful and spinning non-academic and unsupported theories about the early Sumerians and their gods. And, we are hard core Inanna and Sumerian pantheon worshippers! Free speech may have it's limits when other people are offended by debate. I guess that is what happened here. Too bad. Ana, as you know from other sites that we are more highly involved with, you will have free range to express your views there. But, I hope you reassess and come back as this site, in my view, has really strong potential for the Pagan Community, regardless of free speech issues and/or censorship. That will change or the site will fail. Point in case is the fact that Circle Sanctuary now has an official PSG page here. Selena Fox is an astute woman that has good smart people around her that look out for the best interests of Circle. Anyway, come back and continue to express your equally valid views. If not, we will see you at the other site and continue to build community. Blessed Be!
Comment by Miyamoto Musashi on April 6, 2009 at 1:28pm
MyGoddess.....what/where is Circle Santuary ?
Without getting into anything. Love you Anastasia. I do plan on having a shot of Glenlivet with you on a full moon at Stonhenge. Would make a great addition to my list don't you think?
Comment by Fiona on June 21, 2009 at 11:35pm
"I assure you, you have a lot of growing to do before you could even get close to my train of thought.

So again, in Plain English, your comment was RUDE and uncalled for."

The hypocrisy in that statement. How mature is it to go throw somebody's journal and bitch about it??? If you don't like it, don't read it. It's like she's trying to cause a fight. She could have always taken the high road and avoided your journal altogether. Her ego got the best of her and wants to take it out on you even though you didn't break any rules or do anything wrong.

If she was as grown up as she tries to make herself out to be, she wouldn't have replied. She would have shown grace by not reading your journal, which is an invasion of your privacy. I HATE it when people go through your journal and bitch about what's in it. Sounds like she's on an ego trip. If she doesn't like anything and anybody has to say, she will act like a child and all petty and read and complain about what she knew will upset her.

How is she moving on when she is in your journal? Reading your journal is NOT moving on. So, basically, she's being a hypocrit. She should follow her own advice.


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