Add A Little Magick To Your Life-No matter Who You Are :)

Anyone can add a Little Magick to their Life. You do not have to be a Witch, or even be Pagan.
You can work to enhance Peace and Serenity in your Home.
Be creative go with your instincts and your tastes.

A few Ideas for Inspiration along the way~

Use  Soft Pleasing Colors in your home or office. You can Accent with darker shades of color.

Try to use Light Colors ~ Greens, Blues, Purples, Creams, Sand or Beigy Colors, as well as light Yellows, Pale Oranges, Apricot, Peach, Etc.

You can choose a theme- The Sea- The Dessert, The Mountains,The Sky,Nature in General, Animals, etc.

You can use your theme to enhance your color scheme and decor,or just include your things you love most, including hand made items and art.  Be creative, we are all unique individuals. Show your style !

Release a nice scent into your home, This can be done with different types of Potpourri , Candles, Oils, Incense.

Burn Ceremonial White Sage-at least once a month. It cleanses & Purifies as it burns.
Smudging or Cleansing is Very Important.

Burn Tea Light Candles in all sorts of Holders.These can be actual holders or great pieces of Vintage or
modern Glass , used as a holder. Incorporate them into your decor. Let the shades compliment your color schemes, or go with Crystal Clear.

Only Burn candles when you can be with them for safety reasons.

Play Music softly in the background. New Age, Nature Sounds, Kitaro, Andreas Vollenweider are good examples.

You can incorporate Natural Elements into your decor- Feathers,Fresh or Dried Flowers, Driftwood, Shells, Dried Seaweed, Crystals & Stones, Assorted Sands, Acorns, Pine Cones,etc.

A Stone Waterfall or 2 , maybe a wood stove or Fire place for a really cozy atmosphere.

Once you have decorated your home , try this-

Light Incense and Candles. Play soft music , get comfortable with a book of choice, Games, Crafts , whatever your choice of hobby. Relax for about an hour , give or take a little , either way.

See how much more relaxed & Peaceful you feel?

Take this as your personal time.

Try and do this at least 3 times a week. If you meditate , you can meditate for 20 minutes & then read or work on your hobby for awhile.

These are some ideas to help you become more Relaxed,Confident, and have a more Positive Energy Flow.
You can actually feel the shift of energy in your home & in yourself. Empower Yourself , Your Home.
Draw Positive energies in, while neutralizing and diminishing the Negative energies that we aquire in daily life.
You will begin to think clearer & become full of energy & ideas.
You will feel wonderful & your home will have a great Energy. Peaceful- Pure Serenity.

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