i got some gold and silver candles today, to represent the god and goddess on my altar. I also bought a lion paw shell that im gonna use as a dish to hold the other shells which I got from florida, when we went to Orlando for vacation. I got the shell and the candles at walmart. I have a menorah and some taper candles coming my way as well, since mom bought another box lot at an auction (she does that alot) and it had a menorah and the candles in it. I am also placing acorns and pinecones on my altar for yule this year. I am so excited. I always get excited when I add new pieces to my altar. My husband has promised to build me shelves for my altar which is more like a shrine now. I saved money buying the taper candles, so that I may have the money to get other items which I may not been able to afford otherwise. yay bargains. in a few days i have to go to the goodwill, so im thinking i may look there and see what treasures I can find. this is fun. I am feeling pretty good today. It started off bad, I was hurting, but I am doing better now and I am not as achy as I was this morning. This morning I couldnt even walk, it took all I had just to walk to the bathroom. I was in tears. Damn fibro, it is killing me. I wish my husband only knew what I was going through. He loses patience with me because I cant do things like normal, but

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