After a certain age, if you've matured long enough, if you've managed to find your meaningful share of Wisdom, you feel free from the the ordinary cultural ties that used to bind you to their script of what should and what should not be.

After a certain age, you finally arrive at a point and moment that you realize you've nobody (that you care enough for) left to impress.
You've nobody left to justify yourself to.
You've nobody left that you owe anything to.
It is your Life, your Choices and your Money, your Means and your Resources.

After a certain age, you learn to be meaningfully free with a little help of the empowerment from your means, with a little help from the value of your choices.

Age reminds us all, nothing is for keeps, you will have to find, to arrive at the end of the journey from cradle to grave.

It is a serious moment to feel the weight of one's own death, the meaning of this world's elemental mortality - All and everything surrenders to CHANGE.

Every day counts a little harder, you learn to see what is all around you, you begin to take the time to smell the roses, see the birdies flying from tree to tree...

You begin to feel your feet on the ground...

You begin to look up to the sky at night and you stare at the stars, the moon, you wonder where did it all begin?

Here we are, just a flash in the pan, a passing lightning and we may thunder loud but we pass alike as everything else and all creation.

Change is what we are made of and after a certain age, with some wisdom, we embrace that what we are made of - Change.

Don't you fret, don't you fear that what we all are made of.

After a certain age, we change to free and we free to change all we are and all we have.

We know, our own Light is all we take when we go home.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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