Are witches born or something else...

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Are witches born?

Of course they are, all humans are born.  But thats not what you are asking, the question is can you be a witch too?  Or perhaps is it natural to have a gift?


First, to use a caricature, there are people who look upon reality our world and immediately want the extra noise, the images which do not make much sense to stop the little bits of knowledges which do not fit the paradigm to *STOP!* These people we call the sleepers, and anyone who has embraced those differences whether they actively engage them or passively admit these oddities won't hurt them; Regardless of how you choose to interact with the world if you do not deliberately repress that knowledge we call you "Awakened."


All nomenclatures used for awakened travelers: witche, magician, warlock, maji, sorcerer, shaman, practitioners, priest(ess), wizard, etc... etc... whatever they/you are called or choose call yourself you are awakened and have a "gift".  Someone like me could choose to awaken you, you can choose to awaken yourself.  By being awakened, the gift that every human being is born with becomes available to you to use.  Which is not the same thing as being trained in the use of the gift.


Now, teachings of how to use the gift, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, alchemy, etc...etc... when practiced from the ancient form, the same religion of craft for countless generations since time immemorial then that group has lost the craft, what remains is a pale reflection of what was, at best.  The creativity and cultural gain of a region is its ability to bring together hundreds of families, thousands even.  Spreading them out to one small group in one small place is the death of learning.  This is the reason why witch is synonymous with dabbler or novice.  They lack real training.


The difference between a lone man with a gun calling himself a soldier standing next to a police officer, next to the US Marine.  The difference between the dishwasher who puts water in a pot to boil, the cooks assistant who decides which parts of the vegetable are suitable for the cook to see, and the cook who decides ultimately what goes into the soup.  Each example is the difference of training, and applied skill.  And yet anyone can learn to cook, with a book and decades of practice.  Just as anyone can become a marksman with a weapon, ammunition, and steady practice over decades.


All people whom are "awakened" have potential to become powerful workers of energy.  And a very few have the ability to awaken more, others naturally reach that conclusion themselves.  However someone became awakened is immaterial to the understanding that to use a gift it *must* be trained or practiced, and used.  Don't have someone to train you, then practice and use the ability, every day.  Over and over, repeat the simple tasks.  Decide what you can do, and do them every single day.  After a lifetime of practicing the basics, you will have a strong foundation of skill to then move forwards.


And if you are anything like me, then when practicing those skills you will have reached greater understanding.  And your "easy" practice skills will have become far more difficult, even impossible to the initiate.



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