i know i havent been here in awhile, ive had a few bumps in the road. in october i had my bariatric surgery. im doing well. altogether ive lost 77  pounds since february. i turned my ankle a couple weeks ago and will be laid up for the next few weeks. i also have the flu. fun turn of events. i am sick as a dog and can barely walk. my husband has a new job driving a water truck for a gas company. we are a lot better off than we were before. we are saving to buy a home, possibly something big enough to separate me and my mother in law, because we dont get along living together in such close quarters. she cant live alone. we need our own spaces. so thats what we're working on.


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Comment by Kathy on December 21, 2011 at 4:03pm

77lbs thats a awesome achievement good on you! Gotta luv the inlaws :)


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