Bi-Polar/Skitzo-pher-enia(sorry about the spelling)How many people do you know?

My son was in the Delaware Behavioral Center last year and the Doctors said if left early that he'd be back. He was right. John's right back in there. He is such a good boy and I don't understand it-I just don't. It's like an epidemic. He can't get a grasp on reality. He was calling himself "GOD"What's going on with my baby.Although,he's 20,it doesn't matter...he's still my baby and I can't help him with this.
I asked him to please give the Dr's a chance and let them help him.
He has a chemicle imbalance in his brain. At first we thought it was drugs but his blood tested clean except for the xanax I gave him to calm him down. We, also got him Valerian to help keep calm but they didn't work.
When John's brother was born,I had an emergency C-section and told the Dr I wanted him to tie my tubes really good. Well, we waited until the Doc gave the say so-so we right at His father and I weren't getting along at the time-I got tired of the drunk and cheating-so I left and since I was nursing-I figured out that why my periods hadn't started-but my nieghbor was trying so hard to have baby and we were waiting for her to get pregnant and she told me that I was pregnant and I told her "Noway"tubes are tied and she talked me into going Chatholic charities and while I was watching these terrible abortion movies and I just tuerned there tv off and they came in and asked me to go to their office and asked me to sitI said "no,It's negative right? It has to be because Of my tubes being tied"They said Miss you are pregnant.Then I sat down...and asked "How could that be? I had just left his Dad 3 months ago and I hadn't been with anyone since.They asked me about abortion-which pissed me off-and I said NOWAY! then they offered adoption and I said "been there,done that.That God gave me this child for a reason and I was keeping him-but I gave all of my maternity clothes away and I have nothing for a baby.That I was still nursing his brother..."Well they took me to a room with clothes and everything I would need,diapers and -everything.They said help yourself-I told them I could pay for any of it-no charge.
sowhen I was 5 months his father found out-he had 3 of us pregnant at the same time and dummy me took him back.And, he came from NC to De and was happy. I was after I got over the shock.
John was a good baby and he was a happy baby growing up-he has a great gift of "insight"
That My mother(where he has been living for the lasy year)has been drilling it in head that it was of the devil.I'm pissed about that-but no he wanted to go live there so he would haven't any responsibilities.
"There's always a price to pay even if it isn't with dollars.isn't there?"
When my mother can tell people about tumors and what's wrong them physically-it's a God Given gift-but for everyone "it's of the Devil"I hate wishy-washy people but she is my mother. So I feel like my son slipped in born with so many gifts- like me -he just doesn't know how to control them-so to me that accounts for the bi-polar and skitzo part.
But, I'm not a Doctor.If I told my dr about my gifts-he'd have me locked up for good.
Well,*sigh* I feel better by getting this off of my chest. And I didn't post it as a discussion so people wouldn't get angry about that. if you want to read it and understand this great because I could use some advice-as always.

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Comment by Sagemoon on September 10, 2010 at 9:51pm
If John has been diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic, it's a good thing he is getting treatment. As his mother you can help him best by making sure he gets to counseling appointments and takes his meds. Bipolar and schizophrenia are hard mental disorders to live with. Most of the time he won't realize how bizarre he seems to other people. He needs his loved ones looking out for him. Both of those disorders are hereditary. Do you know if he inherited it from you or his dad? Have you both supported him with family counseling? He will succeed in life if he has loving people to help him along his path. I hope for blessings for your family.
Comment by The PaganPixie on September 11, 2010 at 2:27pm
Thanks for answering this.He get's the depression and anxiety from my side.But as far as his father is concerned I don't know-Cousin married 1st cousins and that may have something to do with it.
Who knows.
With Brightest of Blessings
<~The Pagan Pixie~>


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