well we started carving pumpkins today. we got two of them gutted and saved the seeds, for my dad. it got dark by the time we got the second one gutted so we didnt have time to put faces on them yet, but when we do, mine is a cat, my oldest sons is a bat, my husbands is a dragon and my youngest will have a "pumpkin ghost" as he calls it, which is a jack o lantern. this was the first time in years that i carved out a pumpkin, and it was the first time my husband has ever carved a pumpkin. it was very special. very messy but very special. we were up to our elbows in pumpkin guts and the boys were sorting out the guts from the seeds. and then it began to rain and we packed up and called it a night. it was getting dark, and i was tired. but it was fun. made me feel like a kid again. I was using my fingers to pull out the pumpkin guts and my husband was using a scraping tool, to thin out the pumpkin walls. this is the first year we've ever done pumpkins as a family and i want to make it extra special for them. Weve got five pumpkins to decorate. my son insists that i should make the witch pumpkin, because my hubby calls me a witch, as do i. i dont know what the other patteren we'll use will be. we could always just use a standard jack o lantern pattern. i love halloween. ill be making cupcakes for my sons class, and we will probably go to the mall to trick or treat. and then ill celebrate when the little ones go to sleep. but until then ill be carving pumpkins.

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Comment by Mahira on September 30, 2009 at 5:11am
This is one of the best parts of halloween. Im glad your family enjoy it as well.
For my family, my mum only sees the mess it makes, whether I tidy up or not, my dad loves taking pictures of them when they are finished but wont have a go at it himself, but my 15 year old daughter gets stuck in there with me. Up to her elbows in pumkin guts and moaning about it all the time, but she loves it realy.
We took to baking pumpkin cookies and cakes over the last few years, and this year my daughter has made a list of what ones she wants to do.

Enjoy the season
Comment by Fantumofthewinds on September 30, 2009 at 10:29am

Me toooo , as it tis that time of year . we hung plastic ones in the trees and spreading the yellows and oranges and blacks along with the purples . I haven't tried pumpkin cookies are they good? I just love the activitys of this year but will wait another week to carve BB


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