Baby why don't you call me?
You're probably out drunk
and feeling all punk,
But is that what you're meant to be.

Hey sweet thing why don't you come over?
I'll give you the moon
and we'll cast off the gloom,
and we don't even have to be sober.

Baby lets go out and play tonight.
I'll wear hooker heels
and we can keep spinning the wheels.
and come back by the dawns early night.

Come on sweet boy let's fall into bed.
We can be sweet and shy
or forget about that lullaby,
and wake up the fucking dead!

Baby come closer to me.
don't be all afraid
cuz the cards have been laid,
And i'm sure to set you free.

Dearest lets run down this life together.
I don't got no plans
and i'll hold your hand,
As we fight off this stormy weather.

--- to... ha. well whoever my next boy is? hope you liked it audience! :) comment?

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