Cartoonists word of mouth story tellers remember a time of giants here gods are the first living form fashioned from rock formation from common verse set test theme memory calculation critical observation for those a part of creation forgotten as solemn emotion gravity eroding what remains of humanity familiar liar futile territory mundane physical rebounding reactions a altered monument self protection spoils of childhood arguments philosophical mystery it is where the soul dwells we all know so to continue call it a book of shadows or genius mathematical serious outlook prattling rattling cages of once good people demons in the shape of human beings who are not what they appear to be but simply emanations of Evil they abound in the world this Hell maybe it is a noble thing to suffer an absorbent factor where goodness is in conflict with evil or negative energy,yet there is an element of conscience that variable cyclic thread that captures all our life times reflected in illness or is it a kind of futile war a misunderstanding of purpose,as in deep sleep the body electrics are less effected by gravity the soul bubble then photo synthesis this regenerates the bio static field,bone is living crystal,that energy is held within the bones like a battery giving breath of mind and purpose,feathering by the tides of change moving on forever as insignificance,yet still we are all star dust,regional spheres assimilated speech broken down codes of sunlight,minds in union transforming the reality that grows all around,words cascade forming speech of which seems timeless as old as the very source,onward inward toward the very light,our life's blood we all share the same rays of light charging our site for evermore, the light continues without us until we learn of immortality the to be more a part of what we are here for,the point of understanding reached in this mortal body imprints into your eternal soul and reflect through into your next mortal body speculation point of fear questions of conscience to be a animal or human and everything that happens to us,the unbelievable air pressure that effects us a ton of mass victims of gravity,the spirit that entwines through all creation,a view of energy that secret minority ,human reaction the personified image of your facial mask family tree inborn inherited confusion influences of television and the dark ages make up that common ground we consider logical happenings,no body is perfect,constriction of condition an invisible freedom,days of wondering dancing miracles,sunken sorrow ruin and tragedy my obituary,material judgements alike plain of understanding,forgotten truths to pass through hindsight ,interpretation a cacophony of sight and sound,the shameless look a constant signal we all share as if a great ritual had been broken,to climb the sacred mountain only to find a stage to be acted out a part with the masses waiting for him to blunder,the end is near time revolves,survival and existence shine on strong,heard deep within the dark forest of creation,seeking a sanctuary within a mass of confusion,away from the battles and internal conflict,existing in harmony with each other from this sphere all dreams can be conceived ,the celestial travelers reaching for the inner spaces,revealing all it's secrets,just an impossible dream the sphere was conceived long ago,at a time of magic once filled the air,this gift was distorted and emotions filtered into the light sediments parchment fracture friction waves the earth spinning in infinity gyroscopic friction of the equinox conjunctions causing the earth to slow down slightly each year that passes,a vision a paradox a dream illusion,this day of days the moon was full Venus shining bright upon the horizon collapsed into a vortex the entire planet reverted back to the start of life,through the room walked fish like giants,calling from space found beyond the seventh circle the sky opened,the clouds became fused into crystals rising from magnetic east,a rumbling could be heard a streak of light opened up a temple gate,twenty four sides surrounding the building the crystals began emanating forms the earth shook,the crystals communed with each other as frequencies,from out of the crystals stepped a human perfectly formed they gave off a strange glow,they had legs formed ,yet they were attached from the third eye raised from the ground to the heart of the sun,remaining like statues for a thousand years as the rest of the earth stabilized,fact or fiction did i bare witness to the start of life on this planet,well i did and i found this through scientific method,i would spin in circles as a form of meditation dancing thus creating a kind of black hole the mind wonders,i seen these creatures as real as anything,that what was just written happened twenty five years ago,hovering at tree level above a lake very close to the house i was born,inexplicable name associations fractal array flight of fear,streams of consciousness amalgamated visions that make up this over populated reality considered open wound causes blood as well as bacterial viral microscopic infestation,an invasion of the body by foreign elements quite separate serpent oriented filaments,so always on my mind the third eye as an snake upon the death mask of Isis crisis within the subconscious knowing the seed is planted,making it seem as if we are related us and them synthesis has been so exaggerated that puerile thought is indented on my mind etching into my soul causing those failings of character and self confidence wallowing in destructive elements we all could be dead tomorrow,age future time purpose our cause to be human the avenues of change that capture the soul into a typical accepted scenario being adaptive to whatever environment betwixt us those pathways of fate a key to destiny never to forget our reason to be alive as part of this universal order bound by the fabrics of crystaline rock that make up the bone structure,we push away what we can't have as if to say oh that is just not worth the effort why bother even thinking about it best destroy it,the right of demented a painted smile cracked actor fallen dancer,21st century broken down angel, earth bound incarnations sweet nothings,emblems of learning emaciation,spherical symbolism circular serum a kind of liquid conspiracy, round and round we go when we stop nobody knows a tissue a tissue we all fall dead,i have no room in my flat anyhow for guests there is so many things what i need is a garage to store my scooters,i am sure you would have a good ring a ring a roses to tell a story make reality seem worth while an existent factor to be a person with real magical qualities yet wounded by time,these ideas of the perfect smile a flawless instant response message saying how life shall continue and to what people share as individuals,well the first thing on my mind to be honest is always photosynthesis just like all living forms we react and feed on sunlight by soul definition a breakdown of existence the very life spark within us that is generated while we dream,i have written endless scriptures on the mysteries of the universe life experiences,a spark that ascends to the realm of the dead,which is a static band of energy dis-charge surrounding the earth,attached to the body by a thread of ectoplasm to en-act the process natural to all living forms a chain that anchors us to restrictive elements, the mystery of decay and atomic fusion degenerating atoms mutations nothing is recognizable all the teachers have ceased to exist given the mass density of this present age,an extinction the earth was once not tilted and rotated much faster,mechanical spirit writing do that or the other,travel to the horizon and then cross over into the light relative motion spiritual acceleration binary fusion royal twins an illumination,a seed of flight a vessel of progression,emblems of survival third eye trances sacred dances moon rise chanting forgotten sciences age old mystics,like a rare jewel with all the colors of the rainbow sporadic cynical evaluations to be anything other than a terminal patient on to exist after believe in freedom heaven sent reason pearls of wisdom as the sun touches an ocean like a dream almost un-real besides a sense of security and apathetic weakness mortal affliction facial distortions renditions about be toxic deepest emotions renditions about magic and destiny or just shallow passages subjective of given means the what is foundation of our dreams,here and now scenario fusions visions that are part of us fragmented in-between different lifetimes earth bound incarnations sweet nothings,emblems of learning fascination in mind in-transience matters of betwixt everything,a key to human origins crystal formations white sands that made us,a corner set by those visionaries their souls shining for crosses there are a ship of our existence soul mechanism that tide lingers to remind us real as the morning sun that light of god's children how inside out we destroyed ourselves to speak from the spirit first the river of light lines that never alter moves everything in degenerating circles fugal mortal specters that fester on each other to get away from the mass hysteria and the body becomes characteristic of these creatures that haunt the very fabric,the argument is in your bones so whatever happened to humanity is crossed into a cauldron of variable mentalities that can only see their own line frequency to insult themselves a mirror of conscience in homage to a red river of blood a machine gun weapon the next dam generation life is a battle of spiritual murder nobody is right or wrong truth is the light within as it sets everything back to a point of origin all we have to do is remember the reason for being alive planet x is my imagination i make things up for idol conversation if we were all dead who would kno the difference when planet X first appeared it created a universal paradox do have one theory the earth was actually destroyed in 1983 last chance then an infinity in limbo no more humans just giant spiders because we forsaken our responsibility as the planet is one mind the light erosion atomic decay still this time,holy conspiracy racing to the sun like an army of lemmings on suicide missions for each good person make room for a multitude there are only so many places on earth like a spider web threads that anchor,dreams are living forms touching the universal force to regenerate a static field held within the bone structures,dreams are living forms touching the universal force the spirit exists or it is a form of your imagination,we all go to the same place when dreaming scientists say god is food for each good person make room for a multitude there are only so many places on earth like a spider web threads that anchor,the divine comedy laughing in fear a play of infinite variation where each of us mocking the other in a embryonic puerile competition to be born facing a wall of shadows wishing you to fault then be replaced by them some holy conspiracy racing to the sun like an army of lemmings on suicide missions heart beat drum the sum of our parts is a stage arena that river of all creation characteristic of these creatures the very fabric masses facing their own fears,it was to do with prejudice and close proximity being a minority screaming just enough increment past life regression therapy saying it is not a reality in rare cases it can be but not as understood by everybody an oddity disabilities razor edges requiem of creation being a kind of scientific preacher derived from time travel gravity praying easier said than done it is balance reflex and physical laws it was my destiny spinning in circles creating a vortex to all of history as witness then be said a oppression by multitudes and prejudices of minorities acting out ritual nobody can question a puzzle with the solution put into motion without argument of mental or spiritual ability healers teachers divine sparks stitches in time that changes everything to say yes they did control the universe and humans were giant guardians yet it would be nice to think what is said can make a difference how the individual is part of the universal framework those passages of ancient wisdom reaching into this dimension

The winter winds of old take the water to the sea as the man turned into light like the forest of the west they were carrying the fire rereturning once again in the gardens of belief children seem to know the reason why are we to everything a play within a play thus enter through a hole in the floor deep darker than the black seemed to hear the silence of the world,keeping in touch with the sun the light of heaven over and over again the dawn creation of the underworld caves were born with thunder rendered sheets Of flame cascading features carved with colors raining secrets of the morning mist rain will fall and wash us evermore beside the lake of learning-learning t'wards the winds of ever flowing ease oh speak of everlasting sleep a point for a reason before sounding within in the face of it there's nothing left to rhyme and the more you try you'll understand an invented language wordpainting)enchantment - into Sunlight sacred reunion in amongst the rings of confusion silencing the thought powers one to enlighten an almost indefinable strength Of purpose a reason as in a vision a voice transcending all our imagination jewel of life divine nature - Super nature the supreme gift of knowledge and space everlasting dream to witness time all that is good to live as tho' you have lived before.Words of prophets twisted to meaning a lesser understanding it is a rewritten favor at the blood drunk masters that say kill everything lazy consumption mass reproduction conscience of animals and political control in saying it is alright to destroy nature first class translated gibberish if you seen cows die you would not eat meat these creatures are psychic more so than most humans they haunt us through diseases to the other characteristics that grow on the physical making us into the animals we eat to die early giving birth like rabbits slaves of insects and serpents

The new bibles changed thou shall not kill to thou shall not murder but it is alright for nourishment they made the bible up to mean whatever the king wanted whoever he may be to translate picture writing is all guess work every word can have five different meanings Greek verse reads like complex mathematics with no sentence or punctuation italics has always been my style of writing you could argue to talk without breath or pause that i just could not be bothered to add full stop,

five original lifeforms giant entities each a pillar of the primal species makes no sense a bird a reptile anmphibian like some science fiction movies in those days this planet was still forming things happened that have no explanation all of a sudden


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