Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden

Fogmoon, Blotmonath, Frermanudhr (November) 9th
Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden

When Olaf the Lawbreaker had been king of Norway for three years, he asked Queen Sigrith of Sweden to marry him. She agreed, but when he insisted that she give up her ancestral Gods for Christianity Sigrith replied, “I do not mean to abandon the faith I have led, and my kinsmen before me. Nor shall I object to your belief in the god you prefer.” The Queen's Heathen tolerance was met with Olaf's imprecations and he delivered a blow to Queen Sigrith's face. The wedding was off - depriving Olaf of political power that could have greatly sped his controle of Scandinavia. As it were, history tells us that the Heathens held on for over 300 more years in the Northlands. Hail Sigrith, defender of Asatru, and women of stubborn virtue!

On this day I try to remind myself first of the needs and wants of my beautiful, wise and stubborn wife and mother of my children (as all men should on this day and any others), and raise a horn to Queen Sigrith. I also try to remind myself of our ancestors acceptance of other peoples religious beliefs. Remember our ancestors always believed that the individual was responsible for their own beliefs as well as their own actions. I tell myself do not try to tell other free folks what or how to believe or worship, but do not allow other to change my beliefs or ideals ether. We are all still free folk.

Hail to the Folk and Hail to the Gods
Vincent Enlund
Chieftain, the Wanderer Kindred
Chieftain, the Asatru Alliance

Better gear than good sense a traveler cannot carry,
Better than riches for a wretched man, far from his home.

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